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Product Spotlight - HiLIQ Pure Nicotine

Discussion in 'HiLIQ UK' started by HiLIQ_Mat, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. HiLIQ_Mat

    HiLIQ_Mat Premium Vendor

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Hey All

    Here at HiLIQ, we produce pretty much everything that makes up eliquid. Ranging from flavour concentrates to cooling agent, if it goes into juice, we produce and supply it.

    I want to draw your focus to our pure nicotine. We currently supply nicotine to eliquid manufacturers around the world and have many happy customers who value the quality of our product and appreciate the value that it adds to their juices and nicotine shots. We, in turn, appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes in to creating your signature flavours and have developed our pure nicotine to compliment the creations of eliquid manufacturers. We strive to produce top quality products and we believe you will see this when sampling our creations!

    HiLIQ Pure Nicotine is the purest and freshest Nicotine solution available in the market that is derived from the finest, pesticide-free Tobacco leaves. It is naturally sourced, filtrated, extracted, separated and distilled to amass a true and clean nicotine produce. Processed in a certified FDA-checked cGMP clean room dedicated to professional nicotine manufacturing, HiLIQ Pure Nicotine is geared towards addressing the increasing demand of vendors and businesses for consistent quality nicotine solutions.

    If you use nicotine in your products, then we can help you!

    Contact me for more information or drop a reply below and I'll get in touch.



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