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Our HUGE range of Nic Salts - Sensational 3 For £10 Offer

Discussion in 'Go-Liquid' started by Go-Liquid, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Go-Liquid

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    We have a huge range of nicotine salts available on our site now including the world's most popular brands. All nic salts are available to mix and match within our 3 For £10 offer. We are currently stocking over 80 different flavours as part of this offer. You can also pick up each flavour on their own for just £3.99 with FREE next day UK delivery. The available nic salts brands in our store include:

    Element NS Designer Nic Salts
    IVG Salts Range
    Chief of Vapes Salts
    Vampire Vape Salts
    Eliquid France Salts
    Riot Squad Hybrid S:ALT]
    Double Drip Coil Sauce Salts
    Uncles Vape Co Salts
    Top Vape Salts (By IVG).


    Feel free to leave any questions you may have about nicotine salts or our products in general.
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