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New Flavour: The Grey Mari, The Ultimate Turkish Tobacco

Discussion in 'The Druid's Brew' started by The Druid’s Brew, Mar 9, 2019.

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    Aug 23, 2013
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    We are very pleased to announce the official arrival of The Grey Mari in all strengths from 3 to 18mg.

    The Grey Mari is a Turkish tobacco flavour with loads of character Do not expect any harshness here: it is soft, smooth and mildly sweet. A dark cigar overtone is threaded through with a distinct woodiness, sweet and pleasant on the exhale.

    Imagine the sort of flavour you would like to compliment a fine Cognac or Whisky- something with enough body to balance the fire of the alcohol.

    If you like the more refined things in life and you're after the best I can come up with- The Grey Mari might well be the ADV you are looking for.

    The Grey Mari (Mari Lwyd) is an iconic wassailing tradition in Wales in which someone dressed in a cloak and adorned with a horses skull dressed in ribbons attempts to gain entry to people's houses with a team of singers. A pitched battle of song occurs at each threshold as the team move around the town, getting progressively drunk as they go. After refusing entry many times the house eventually relents and lets the Grey Mari and her friends in for more drink and song.

    Debate about the meaning of the name Mari Lwyd abounds with some citing the 'Holy Mary' as the best translation. We suggest you stare into her eyeless sockets for a moment and deny her Pagan roots; we declare her Mari Llwyd or the Grey Mari.

    Can she come in for a drink? What do you say?
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