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Humble Pie Concentrates Live

Discussion in 'Vanilla Vapes Ltd' started by VV Martin, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Aug 9, 2013
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    'Ello again folks,

    Last week saw the release of Humble Pie, our new collection of desserty custardy goodness. The short fills are up and available, and today the one-shot concentrates join the party.

    Link here: https://www.vanillavapes.co.uk/mixers-corner/one-shot-concentrates/humble-pie-concentrates/


    Fluffy Flavour Profiles:

    Apple Cobbler
    Any Michelin-starred chef worth their salt (or indeed, their sugar) will tell you there's one surefire way to improve any dessert. It's a simple trick that the professionals don't want you to know about and it works for anything, but we've used it on apple pie... You just smash it and add custard. Think about it, this way you get to enjoy all the different bits at once, plus custard is really yummy. Vaping this short fill e-liquid, you'll taste the zing of sweet baked apples as they cut their way through the savory notes of pastry with the warming spice of cinnamon to round the apple pie out. Oh, and did we mention it's covered in custard? Because it is! It's everywhere.

    TL;DR: Baked apple, custard, pastry, hint of cinnamon

    Danish Custard
    Time for pudding. A little piece of your day set aside for a bit of indulgence and everyone has their favourite. We set out for a true 'naughty' dessert, something that if you ate the real thing you probably shouldn't do it too often. We started with a humble cinnamon danish - bringing baked sweet roll bread and then gave it a sugar cream glaze and an extra dusting of cinnamon spice. Finally, we went off the scale on the naughty-ometer and submerged the whole thing in thick, luxurious vanilla custard. Enjoy the real thing once in a blue moon, or vape the calorie free version all day? I think we rest our case.

    TL;DR: Sweet baked bread, cinnamon, cream glaze, vanilla custard

    Lemon Tart
    Humble Pie is a celebration of all things sweet and pudding, and when it comes to dessert vapes there is perhaps one flavour profile that stands out above the rest. After it shot to the vape hall of fame in the last few years, we couldn't release Humble Pie without presenting our twist on the classic Lemon Tart! We poured all of our craft into the two main components of this flavour, but made them deeper and intertwining with one another. The crumbly, biscuit pastry notes wrap around creamy, light lemon curd filling to create a short fill e-liquid that will give any Lemon Tart flavour a run for its money.

    TL;DR: Lemon, pastry, cream, lemon curd

    Pink Custard
    We would love to tell you that Pink Custard is a project inspired by picking the freshest, juiciest strawberries from a prize winning garden on a sunny day in the countryside. We would love to tell you they were then infused with a rich, silky home-made custard straight from Mum's kitchen. We'd love to tell you that, but here's the thing; we really like instant whip Angel Delight, and we wanted a liquid that tasted just like it... so we made one.

    TL;DR: Strawberry, custard, whipped pudding

    Rhubarb & Custard
    Nothing gets our nostalgia going like a classic retro dessert brought back to life - A trip back to childhood memories of puddings that Mum would make after a Sunday dinner. We decided to pay tribute to the iconic duo of rhubarb and custard, a unique pairing that were just made to go together. This delightful E-liquid is a finely tuned balance of tart, sweet and creamy. Not just a simple red and yellow sweet, but a wholesome dessert vape that's full of flavour.

    TL;DR: Stewed rhubarb, custard, cream, brown sugar

    Mamma Mia! We've only gone and recreated the nation's favourite Italian dessert just for vapers. Tiramisu holds a special place in the Humble Pie collection, it's such a complex pudding with more flavour notes and textures literally layered throughout. So how do you do it justice in an e-liquid? We started with building the perfect coffee base - a rich, dark roasted espresso. Next comes the light and fluffy ladyfinger biscuits to hold it all together, followed by an Italian cream that feels so thick you could close your eyes and swear you're eating the real thing. The finishing touch is a light dusting of fine cocoa that completes our take on this classic dish. Bellissimo!

    TL;DR: Coffee, Italian cream, sponge cake, chocolate
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