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HiLIQ UK is launching...

Discussion in 'HiLIQ UK' started by HiLIQ_Mat, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. HiLIQ_Mat

    HiLIQ_Mat Premium Vendor

    Jun 25, 2018
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    We are pleased to announce that the HiLIQ UK website will be going live on the 23/07/18!

    Our launch products are 6 individual flavours from our premium range of liquids
    • Nougat Love
      • A delightful blend of nougat and peanuts. A sweet confectionery flavour that is sure to please any peanut lovers out there.
    • Bonfire Country
      • Mixed fruits and marshmallow.
    • Hey Cowboy
      • A blend of caramel and tobacco. Subtle notes of both flavours create this delicate mix.
    • Breakfast Club
      • A mix of cereal, nuts and milk. The perfect breakfast flavour.
    • Pot of Gold
      • Our most complex blend of flavours to date. Mixed fruits with subtle notes of nuts in the background.
    • Mommy's Milk
      • A favourite among our customers from around the world. Strawberries and Cream, expertly blended in to a flavour that's delightful.
    We are also launching a new range of products specifically for UK vapers. Our 'juice boxes' are a box containing 2 different flavours from our Muse range in two separate 60ml bottles. Shortfilled to 50ml so there is space for on of our Add+ Nicotine Shots. There are 3 different boxes being launched. They are -

    • Box of Ice - A pair of eliquids that contain our cooling agent. Perfect for a hot summers days and for those of you that love your flavours cold. The box contains 2 60ml bottles of the following flavours -
      • Mango Sorbet - Fruity and cold. The taste of fresh, ripe mangos combined with the icy coolness of our cooling agent.
      • Blueberry Frozen - Delicious blueberries on ice. The blue cousin of our mango sorbet.
    • Box of F&B - This box combines food and beverage. It combines one of our best selling flavours with a delightful dessert that is to die for. The box contains 2 60ml bottles of the following flavours -
      • Cola Quench - We think this is the best cola flavour you will try. It's perfect when combined with one of our Cool+Nic shots.
      • House of Custard - A delicious, creamy, vanilla custard with a tiny hint of maple sugar in the background.
    • Box of Tea - Tea. We all love it. Now you can love it when you vape too. The box contains 2 60ml bottles of the following flavours -
      • Jasmine Blossom - A summery, floral, herbal tea flavour that is unlike anything you've tried before.
      • Jade Treasure - A blend of green and black tea. An easy all day vape that is refreshing and different.
    These are along side are Add+ Nicotine shots, Cool+Nicotine shots and Add Cool cooling agent shots. Our nicotine is one of the smoothest you will find anywhere. It is created by us, using the highest quality tobacco in our specialist laboratory.

    We will be running giveaways across our social media profiles starting on 16/07/18 in the build up to our site going live :clapping:

    Here are the links to them -

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HiLIQUK/
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hiliquk/
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/HiliqUk

    We'll also be running a giveaway for you guys here on the PotV forums

    We're very excited to bring you our range of eliquid and cannot wait for launch day!

    Much Love!

    HiLIQ UK
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  2. mattyk2010

    mattyk2010 Veteran

    Aug 6, 2016
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    Will you be doing concentrates or juice only?
  3. HiLIQ_Mat

    HiLIQ_Mat Premium Vendor

    Jun 25, 2018
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    We do sell concentrates but mainly as wholesale. Once the launch is out of the way, I will gauge the interest in them and we can potentially get them stocked on the consumer site.

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  4. KetracelWhite

    KetracelWhite Achiever

    May 19, 2017
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    Nice illustrations on your bottles @HiLIQ_Mat
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