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5 x free eliquids for all new customers at MIST

Discussion in 'Mist E Liquid' started by freddo, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. freddo

    freddo Premium Vendor

    Nov 15, 2012
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    Hi everyone, Fred here, I am the founder of Misteliquid.co.uk.

    I wanted to reach out to everyone at POTV with this really special offer we've launched today. We're doing a huge giveaway of 5 bottles of eliquid to brand new customers at MIST. I started MIST 10 years ago on this very forum, out of a passion for all things vaping. Since then we've had over 15,000 customers and ‎3,928 reviews and a 4.9 score on TrustPilot.

    Now we're doing our biggest giveaway yet. 5 free bottles of eliquid for all new customers. Choose from our Mint Pack, Sweet Pack or Tobacco pack. There's something for everyone. Just use the code 'FREEPACK' at checkout.

    Offer details below. Please let us know in this thread what you think of the juices


    Find your flavour with a sample pack

    Finding the right flavour of eliquid is key to making your vape journey a success. With our Sweet, Mint and Tobacco packs, our experts have carefully curated 3 options to cater for every taste. Arriving in 5 x 10ml bottles, each pack contains five different flavours from the best selling e liquids in each category. Buy now for just £11.99 or FREE for first time customers in the UK*

    Tobacco Pack
    Virginia Tobacco: The ex-roll up smokers choice.
    Tobacco (original): Flavourful and rich - our classic tobacco e liquid.
    RY4: Deliciously sweet tobacco flavour with a strong roasted caramel undertones.
    Route 66: A beautiful sweet and nutty tobacco flavour.
    Gold & Silver: Based on a classic cigarette.

    Mint Pack
    Menthol: our best selling mint flavoured e-liquid and absolute classic.
    Menthol Sensation: menthol but with more kick, powerful and intense.
    Mojito: our take on the classic cocktail, minty with a lime kick.
    Spearmint: like your mint a little on the sweet side? This is for you.
    Strawberry Mint: succulent strawberries with an extra minty twist!

    Sweet Pack
    Juicy Peach: The juiciest and most succulent peach you ever tasted.
    Very Blueberry: Fresh blueberry bursting with sweetness.
    Strawberry: Sweet, gentle yet vibrant strawberry flavour.
    Vanilla Custard: Scrumptious vanilla with creamy, smooth custard.
    Mango: Ripe juicy mango freshly picked and sliced.

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