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5 Of Our Favourite E-Liquid Flavours This October. Which Sounds Best To You?

Discussion in 'Go-Liquid' started by Go-Liquid, Oct 14, 2020.

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    Dec 20, 2013
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    Today, we’re going to be looking at five mouth-watering shortfills to try this October. This list features a collection of flavours that we’ve been loving recently. In order to spruce things up, we’ve only chosen one flavour per brand. Let’s get into it.

    All five flavours are available in our store. Have you tried any of these flavours? Also, let us know what you've been vaping recently.

    Big Tasty – Exotic Guava Limonada

    Coming as a 100ml shortfill, Exotic Guava Limonada is a ridiculously sweet flavour that pays homage to authentic Sicilian Lemonade with a zesty twist. This stupendously refreshing shortfill features the taste of freshly pressed lemonade topped off by a dash of tropical guava. Summer may be over, but this flavour will make you feel like it’s just begun.

    To view Big Tasty’s Exotic Guava Limonada in our store CLICK HERE.

    Ohmsome – Blackcurrant Berries

    Blackcurrant Berries is a superb option for those of you looking to purchase a fruity shortfill on a budget. Available as part of our 2 For £15 deal, this flavour features a terrific blend of dark blackcurrants and juicy mixed berries. Blackcurrant Berries is a simple yet effective balanced vape that you won’t be able to get enough of.

    To view Ohmsome’s Blackcurrant Berries in our store CLICK HERE.

    Cosmic Fog – Sunrize

    Sunrize is one 6th of Cosmic Fog’s OG Classics range. Packed with juicy flavour, this enchanting shortfill boasts a complex mix of passionfruit, kiwi and pineapple. Cosmic Fog are known for producing intricate flavours with a variety of elements and Sunrize is a testimony to that. Sweet toothed vapers, look no further.

    To view Cosmic Fog’s Sunrize in our store CLICK HERE.

    Element E-Liquid – Key Lime Cookie

    Key Lime Cookie is a shamelessly indulgent dessert flavoured vape by Element E-Liquid that is sure to tantalise your taste-buds. On inhale, melt in your mouth buttery cookies swoon your senses, before a tangy blast of world famous Floridian Key Limes takes over on exhale. Key Lime Cookie is a demonstration of how a dessert flavour should taste; truly delicious.

    To view Element’s Key Lime Cookie in our store CLICK HERE.

    Dinner Lady – Blue Menthol

    A sumptuous blend of bittersweet berries topped off by an icy breeze of menthol on exhale, Blue Menthol is a simple yet gorgeous flavour. Dinner Lady have managed to produce yet another sensational menthol flavour with this sweet, fruity treat. Lovers of menthol berry e-liquid should look no further than this stunning concoction.

    To view Dinner Lady’s Blue Menthol in our store CLICK HERE.
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