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Trial Liquids/ Trending Liquids KRSP /Funfetti / Coilhunny /Klash vapors

Discussion in 'The Gourmet E Liquid Collective UK' started by the_gourmet, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. the_gourmet

    the_gourmet Premium Vendor

    Jul 12, 2015
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    Trial Liquids/ Trending Liquids
    We At The Gourmet E Liquid Collective Realise that taste is subjective and to that effect we have decided to open up this new category.

    We Shall open this section TRIAL LIQUIDS / TRENDING LIQUIDS where you our esteemed customer can help us in our quest to select only the best for our line up.

    We Shall Stock Batches of The Newest Liquid Available and we shall rely on YOUR FeedBack to Decide whether we shall make them a permanent addition to The Gourmet E Liquid Collective Collection.

    The Success of each liquid will depend on your feedback after purchase SO PLEASE do give feedback on each liquid you try in this section.

    The Liquids who score highly will make it as a permanent Addition to our line up.

    If you have Any suggestions as to what liquids you would like us to source please email us with your requests.

    Kind Regards

    The Gourmet E Liquid Collective UK

    Coil Hunny 39.99 http://www.the-gourmet-eliquid-collective.com/coil-hunny-bear-berry/
    KRSP 60ml 25.50 http://www.the-gourmet-eliquid-collective.com/trial-liquids-trending-liquids/krsp-vapory/
    Funfetti 30ml 14.50 http://www.the-gourmet-eliquid-collective.com/trial-liquids-trending-liquids/funfetti/
    Klash Vapors 180ml £45 http://www.the-gourmet-eliquid-collective.com/trial-liquids-trending-liquids/klash-vapor/

    Take a look NOW Whilst they Last as going FAST!!!!!

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  3. SimonB2008

    SimonB2008 Achiever

    Jan 31, 2014
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    Im confused - the only option for Klash Vapors is to purchase 180mls at £45.
    That's an awfully large amount of liquid to trial isn't it?!
  4. the_gourmet

    the_gourmet Premium Vendor

    Jul 12, 2015
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    Oh dear sorry for the delay apologies
    Unfortunately Klash vapors only sell their liquids in 180ml if they had a smaller version we would have put them up for purchase.
    It is a Trial of the newest liquids and on feedback if they prove successful and up to the standards of our customers we shall add them to the permanent line up.
    We included the Klash range as it was suggested by one of our customers and we always value the opinions of our patrons hence we got a batch for every one to trial.
    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

    The TEAM
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