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As Vaping Expands, So Too Does the Demand for New and Exciting E-liquid Flavors!

Discussion in 'The Gourmet E Liquid Collective UK' started by the_gourmet, Aug 17, 2016.

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    Jul 12, 2015
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    As Vaping Expands, So Too Does the Demand for New and Exciting E-liquid Flavors!


    As vaping takes hold around the world and expands at an ever growing rate, so too does the demand for new vaping technology and most of all, new vaping flavors. Better mods, better coils, high-quality equipment and most of all delicious and exciting new gourmet e-liquid and e-juice flavors are at the forefront of the vaping community’s minds.

    When you look at how far vaping has come in the last decade, it is easy to see why vapers are looking for new flavors. With high-quality mods and devices, vapers can experience a range of flavor profiles that only a few years ago you wouldn’t even believe possible. We started with very basic fruit flavors and tobacco flavors and had evolved to the point where almost anything can be turned into a delicious and multi-layered e-liquid flavor.

    To prove where we are at when it comes to vaping e-liquid flavors, we had a look at a recent poll taken by members of a vaping community. This poll had over 5,000 voters, and it isn’t the companies of the e-liquid or e-juice we wanted to look at, but more the flavors. The trend had changed from when the poll was taken 3 years ago from basic single flavours to more complex layered flavours.

    Gone are the days of Orange e liquid or plain tobacco, we now have Battenberg flavour e-liquid and the ever so complex and subtle macaroon flavours by Loire.

    The choice for the consumer is now immense and can see like a unchartered ocean.

    Thankfully we do have companies which pride themselves on selecting the best eliquid after numerous trials and market research which should give the consumer more confidence in purchasing the said liquid .. with no fear of having to throw away a bottle of this precious nectar.

    These are Our top 4 dessert Flavours currently in no particular order.

    S.P.Q.R Maximus This is a marzipan flavor liquid which is described as “Lightly roasted almonds over a battalion fire”.Winner Of the Vape summit award for Best In show, and we can see why.

    District one 21 eliquid This flavor is a Salted Caramel by District One 21 is reminiscent of a sweet buttered pralines & cream. It is a hit amongst ex smokers and is extremely Moorish

    Rasta Vapors Rusty Nails This is a Vanilla custard combination with nuts and creamy pudding and slight undertones of marshmallow. With Max VG and flavour boost as standard. It has been highly rated and acclaimed by reviewers and if you try it you shall see why.

    Graham Father It’s a classic combination of Graham Crackers & Milk. Not too sweet, not too savory, this smooth flavor hits just the right notes with an aftertaste to keep you asking for more.This is a 60ml bottle of goodness and has many fans of cerials ditching their olf favorites in droves.

    That’s a shortened version of our top dessert flavours; it’s little wonder that we are seeing more and more exciting new Gourmet eliquid and vape juices coming through! We at The Gourmet E Liquid Collective are interested to know What’s your favorite?
    Comment and share below! Let everyone know what you’re vaping!
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