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The review of The Lost Vape Furyan Squonk Mod

Discussion in 'Steam Island' started by Rob, May 13, 2018.

  1. Rob

    Rob Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 18, 2013
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    Writing a review can be quite an arduous task, I decided that rather than write a review as soon as I received the item in question, that this time I’d give it a week of constant use before committing my thoughts to paper. It was fortunate that I did this as the first day or so did not give a true representation of the items capabilities due to it being what I can only suppose to have been a “Friday Afternoon” job, which required stripping down completely, thoroughly cleaning, rebuilding and then testing. So, this time around, my rather more constrained approach paid off in spades. So enough blathering………………. On with The Review.

    I have been enjoying a Lost Vape “Furyan” Squonk Mod which was supplied by the ever generous Rob Remus @Steam Island.


    The Furyan that I received is the full Golden Ultem Colour Scheme, which features Brass Adornments. More on this later. There are currently 2 Colour Options available, The Golden Ultem, or the very classy looking Black Ultem . In an ideal world, one might like to have 2 Furyans so that one could Mix and Match to their hearts content.





    Perhaps it proves how shallow I am? I have to commend Lost Vape on their presentation. It has always been exceptionally good, but they have taken the idea that came with the Lost Vape Coral and have then improved it further. It is always a nice touch when the packaging entices you to explore, so Full Marks yet again Lost Vape.

    Let’s get the boring stuff put to bed early on. The Furyan is the same height as a Billet Box, so by no means one of the smaller Squonkers out there, but again, by no means a giant. It is marginally narrower that a VT Inbox, but provides a reassuring “handful” which I rather enjoy, yes, it obviously is heavier than the plethora of 3D Printed Mods available, but again, I rather like that element.

    One of the areas which I inspected rather more closely was the Fire Button, Todd commented in his review that it wasn’t the most stable Button in as much as his moved noticeably, not the case with this one. It is a nice positive Button and i.e. comfortable for either a Thumb, or Finger and doesn’t require any considerable effort to use.

    Turning the Mod over you are greeted by 2 Caps, One for the Battery and One for the Squonk Bottle. Both Caps feature a very nice Flip Up section which aides removal and replacement. As most will by now know, this Mod can accommodate 18650 (Using the included adaptor) 20700 or 21700 Cells, nice to have some variations for a change.


    For my purposes, I have been running it in 18650 Mode and it does a very creditable job. It has been paired with an Airlab, or a Hotcig Castle and has worked superbly well with both.

    The ONE area that has caused quite a lot of speculation on social media has been the plate that houses the Firing Button and the Mod’s Locking Slider. It isn’t Solid Brass, but the finish is good and nicely executed. I don’t know what the base material is, but everything “feels” nice when in use.

    We have a very nice 9ml capacity Squonk Bottle on board which is of the softer variety, again, this is one that I have had no issues with and certainly something to consider should you have arthritic fingers. For my purposes, I recommend the use of a Squonk Refill Bottle as the Sof Bottles included with the Mod can be a tad difficult to handle once filled and then replacing their Top Cap. Undoubtedly, others would probably have no issues at all, but anyone who suffers problems with dexterity, bear this fact in mind.

    So………. It is a Nice Mod that looks the part and offers reassuring performance, presented beautifully and readily available in the UK at Steam Island where you’ll receive peerless service from Rob. :worship::worship::worship:
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