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The Lost Vape "Coral" DNA60 Mod.

Discussion in 'Steam Island' started by Rob, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Rob

    Rob Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 18, 2013
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    Very late in the day I am afraid, but finally, here are my thoughts and observations on Lost Vape’s newest offering in the 18500 Regulated Mod Stable, “The Coral”.

    This came to me from Rob at Steam Island for the purpose of a written review. No sooner had it arrived than all manner of stuff started to happen in Real Life, hence the delays, for which I whole heartedly apologise to Rob.

    OK, down to business. The Coral is a very small Box Mod that sports the DNA60, made in Die Cast Zinc Alloy, which also helps no end with the incredible lightness of the Mod, even with an 18500 installed.

    One of the slight difficulties that I encountered was actually getting my hands on the Mod. Since it arrived it has been used extensively by Carol, who was enchanted by its size. Her overriding observation has been the same from day one, “Finally! Someone has come up with a nice looking Regulated Box Mod that will hold great appeal with the Ladies who vape.”

    I have to agree with her, it is an exceptionally nice little handful and I loved the look of it when teamed with one of Carol’s stealthy little Pico RTAs.

    Now I have already heard many comments about the choice of an 18500 Cell to power such a Mod, but, if one doesn’t push it towards the limits of its available output and remains in the 15 to 25 watt area, with a 1 ohm build, then the battery life actually surprised me. I have used 18500 Mechs for many a long year and never had a moments problems, but even so, for a Regulated Mod this little beauty actually performed flawlessly and only required one change of battery in a 24 hour period.

    To my mind, one builds one’s coils to this Mod’s strengths. For us, we found it to be perfect at the wattages I mentioned earlier, I suspect that a heavier user would find that they needed another battery change within the same 24 hour period?

    Build quality is exactly as one has come to expect from Lost Vape, everything doing exactly what you expect of it. The DNA60 performs all of its functions flawlessly and you are able to see exactly what’s going on, courtesy of a nice clear screen mounted on a side panel.

    I must also mention the Presentation. The Packaging of the Mod is beautifully done and as soon as you see the box. you know that it contains something special.

    So, to wrap this up, Full Marks to Lost Vape, whether intentionally or not, you created a Mod that has won the approval of every female who has seen it. The form factor is still more than usable for us Gents blessed with larger hands too. If one was looking for an “Out and About” stealthy Mod, this would have to figure very much in your deliberations, provided you give due consideration to your builds and that 18500 Battery.
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  2. Steam Island

    Steam Island Manufacturer

    May 1, 2017
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    mighty good job, Rob :)
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