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FS Ecig Review

Discussion in 'FSECIG.com' started by Mr.Motivapr, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Mr.Motivapr

    Mr.Motivapr Achiever

    Feb 5, 2014
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    Just a quick post our here for FSECIG.

    I saw one of their adverts for the new concentrates they were promoting and asked a few questions about the quality and flavour etc.

    FS kindly offered me some examples of their products to try at the front end, which i kindly obliged.

    I asked for a few of the concentrates that took my fancy, and they kindly agreed to send my selected concentrates the next day.

    10/10 for service, the I received the samples the day after the promised ship date so super speedy delivery and packaging was spot on.

    Nice branding across all the labels.
    Everything in the black and green corporate colours with relevant info on labels etc.

    Also impressed they sent me a few premixed juices and a 50/50 nic base.

    The nic base was absolutely fine, made a few mixes now and nicotine is good, no peppery taste and strength seems accurate so would definitely use again.

    The premixed juices were 70/30 PG/VG which is too high PG for me to enjoy.

    That said I passed to a fellow Vaper who has used them and enjoyed all 3. They didn't find anything mind blowing but we're pleasant enough and well priced.

    The concentrate were ok but not really for me.
    I vape high VG and tend to enjoy big in your face flavours.

    With these I mixed them all up at 20% in a 50/50 blend.

    The flavours were ok but very subtle.
    They didn't have the real punch I like from my concentrates.

    I emailed the vendor who responded within minutes confirming that the concentrates do benefit from a steep and aren't as strong as some of the other concentrates on the market. If you like subtle flavours or are looking to add to a mix then these are worth considering.


    Service 10/10
    Packaging 10/10
    Nic Base 10/10
    Premixed 7/10
    Concentrates 6/10

    On the whole a great company to work with, great service and good prices, just a shame the concentrates weren't slightly stronger.

    Thanks for the opportunity to review your products :)

  2. E-liquids.com
  3. garyi

    garyi Initiate

    Sep 27, 2015
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    fs Ecig.com concentrates

    hello what brand concentrates did you try and mix with 50/50 nic base from fs-ecig.com. has anyone else tried the Pg/vg nic base from fs-ecig.com also can anyone suggest what brand concentrate is good quality for the flavour out of either cappella, the flavour apprentice or inawera

    FSECIG Premium Vendor

    Jan 5, 2014
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    Hi there are some reviews about our base on our website by people who bought them already
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