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New Fallstreak - New Boom's - Juice Ahoy!

Discussion in 'Colonelboom' started by Colonelboom, Dec 11, 2015.

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    Mar 16, 2013
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    NEW JUICE AHOY!! Visit us at : https://www.plumeblu.co.uk

    We have an exciting day for juice releases for you over at PlumeBlu, five new flavours from Fallstreak (they are stunning too) and one of three new ones from Colonel Boom's too:

    We will start with the Boom's flavours...

    1837 : Our custard, not messed with or fruits added but a proper custard inspired by Alfred Bird's invention of custard powder back in (oddly) 1837. It's rich, creamy vanilla custard goodness and available at PlumeBlu now.

    Home Front : Due next week : Back to the old school desserts, fresh from the orchard we have plum, apple and cherry filling with a ginger cobbler topping and a hint of custard

    Victory : Due Next Week : Sunburst cherries and a good helping of sweet and delicious cream. Simple yet awesome.


    Virga : Rich digestive biscuit with a cream filling, the perfect accompaniment to a hot beverage

    Duplicatus : Rhubarb and single cream with a hint of vanilla (By Jove without the cooling and a little more of the sharp green rhubarb)

    Castelanus : Zesty and zingy lemonade with a lashing of raspberry, like pink lemonade it also has a slightly chilled feeling with a hint of fizz

    Undulatus : Ripe peaches infused with sharp prosecco, the perfect peach Bellini.

    Intortus : A citrus medley of pink and regular grapefruits, Lemon and Orange with sharp aniseed

    We should also have box sets of 5 x 30ml bottles available in a couple of days - you pick your flavours from each box and we send them packaged in a lovely presentation box for you to gift or enjoy.
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