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Hello from PlumeBlu

Discussion in 'Colonelboom' started by Colonelboom, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Colonelboom

    Colonelboom Vendor

    Mar 16, 2013
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    Hi Guys, I have been lurking, skulking and masquerading as a decent, law-abiding forum member for a while but all the time was plotting my entry into vendorship and the dark side of the force.

    Having researched and sampled a few suppliers products we were ready to go a little while back but during testing I found I was unhappy with the quality of product from my first supplier and decided to go back, test some more and find a product we were confident to sell - and here we are!

    For now, it is mainly starter kits and eliquids, atomisers and the like, the products that most people will want to try in their mission to kick the evil tobacco. The aim though is to keep improving in stock levels and types and we want to be putting out mech mods and associated gear before too long. In the meantime though we have a few hundred bottles of juices on the shelf, a few hundred more from the same supplier on the way and then a butt load more as we finalise which ranges we want to offer.

    Feel free to drop by the website and have a browse, perhaps part with some hard earned cash and the report back using the Vendor Reviews forum on here, any problems you can email using a multitude of ways on the site, call us on 0114 221 6404 or simply drop a PM on here and hopefully I can answer your query.

    (oh and be sure to use your POTV discount code found on the discount pages for a 12% reduction on spending from your hard earned..)

    many Thanks

    Leigh - PlumeBlu
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