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Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini Starter Kit VS iStick TC60W Full Kit

Discussion in 'VapingProduct' started by Vapingproduct, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Vapingproduct

    Vapingproduct Achiever

    Apr 11, 2015
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    Following is a simple comparsion between eVic-VTC Mini and iStick TC60W Kit ,it is not so professional,just for sharing ,so let's have a quicker look at

    Note : If you are in the market for these two kits, you can give US based store vaporizersdistributor.com,see the best deal below

    Cheapest price to buy authentic eVic-VTC Mini 60w Kit

    Reliable US store to buy Eleaf iStick TC60W Full Kit


    1. With TC Temp Control function.

    2. supports max power to 60w.

    3. full kit with a atomizer.

    4. works well with 510 thread.

    5. with OLED Screen display.

    6. powered by single 18650 battery.

    7. All TC-Ni, TC-Ti and regular VW mode supprots.

    8. Same tmperature Range:100-315℃/200-600℉ (TC-Ni/Ti mode).

    9.Resistance range: eVic-VTC Mini : 0.05 - 1.0ohm for VT mode /0.15 - 3.5ohm for VW.


    1. Came from different team .

    2. Liquid capacity : iStick 60w comes with a 4.5ml Melo 2 atomizer,while the eVic-VTC Mini with a 4ml eGo One Mega tank.

    3. eVic-VTC Mini has several colours available,blue,white and black,while the Eleaf iStick 60w with two colours : Black and Silver.

    4. In size,eVic-VTC Mini Full Kit a little smaller.

    5.the magnetic covers of iStick TC60W are designed for ease of switching your 18650 cell and changing the covers into a different color.

    6.eVic-VTC Mini supports firmware updating.

    Just as we have seen,the iStick TC60W shares so many commons with eVic-VT Mini,so if you want a larger liquid capacity and more cheaper price, then you can give Eleaf iStick TC60W a shot,after all,it came from famous Eleaf team and the iStick TC60W is their latest device,and currently was very hot and popular in the market.

    But if you want a portable mod with striking features, then eVic-VTC Mini is a good choice as well.eVic-VTC Mini is the updated version of eVic-VT,with a fashionable design and using rechangeable 18650 battery.This mod has out the market for some time,with a good reputation.
  2. ned

    ned Achiever

    Oct 8, 2014
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    I thought eleaf were part of joytech so kind of the same team?

    oh and its lucky they both work well with 510 threading otherwise all the other do das would be pretty Irrelevant :19:

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