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Discussion in 'IQ Vape' started by iQ Vape, Apr 11, 2019.


What's the final prize of iQ hunting?

  1. all-new HUAWEI Mate X

  2. a year supply of iQ AIR device+pod

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  1. iQ Vape

    iQ Vape Overseas Vendor

    Apr 4, 2019
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    With the development of electronic cigarette, more and more people would like to choose a reduced risk alternative instead of traditional tobacco, and there are lots of vape contests and exhibitions emerge as the times require. Vape Jam UK intends to remain the premier Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid Trade Show in the UK by presenting compliant product, key industry players and leading manufacturers.

    VapeJam prides themselves on being pioneers in the electronic cigarette domain since 2014. Vape Jam UK was the first Vape related trade show in the United Kingdom bringing manufacturers, consumers, hobbyists and people looking for a safer alternative to tobacco together.

    Since VapeJam is going to start on 11th, April and iQ Vape will be one of the exhibitors, IQ will like to thank VapeJam for the opportunity to do so. IQ will be located on booth J30 and will showcase their amazing product line, including e-liquid, iQ Devices and other interesting activities, what's more, their brand new iQ One Device will be showcased to the enthusiastic audience and customer in London.

    Besides showcasing their products to the live audience, iQ is giving EVERYONE a chance to win the world's first foldable 5G phone, the all-new HUAWEI Mate X! In order to better appreciate all the consumers and fans of iQ, this giveaway campaign will start this campaign on 8th, April and @ivape_iq_eu is going to announce the lucky winner on 15th, April. Good luck to all iQ fans offline and online and we can’t wait to give you the surprise!
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