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5 questions you may want answers to as a new vaper

Discussion in 'IQ Vape' started by I-vape-iQ, Oct 18, 2019.

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    Jul 8, 2019
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    When picking up any new habit, lots of questions typically pop up within the first month. And vaping is not an exception. In this quick post, we are answering some popular questions new vapers may have at the very beginning of their vaping journey.

    How to start vaping: device?

    In order to start vaping, all you will need is a vaping device and some e-liquid. If you have friends who vape, you may ask for advice on the best vaping gear available where you live. In general, it is recommended to start with something that is simple to use. Don’t challenge yourself with a complex box mod right away – as there will be quite a few things to figure out and you may get discouraged along the way. Pick up a compact pod mod and try it out for a week. These types of devices are specifically designed for new vapers and come with a minimal learning curve.

    How to start vaping: e-liquid?

    Your next step would be to choose your e-liquid. The flavor is, definitely, the most exciting part of the process – but there are a few other things to consider.

    First, you will need to decide on the nicotine level. Depending on how much you used to smoke, the general recommendation here would be to start with the nicotine concentration closest to your average nicotine intake. Concentrations of 3mg/ml – 6mg/ml would work for most casual and moderate smokers while those who used to smoke heavily may prefer vape juices upwards of 12mg/ml.

    Finally, if you used to smoke well over a pack a day, you may find nic salts a better fit. Using a different method of nicotine extraction, these e-liquids can come in concentrations as high as 50mg/ml and are typically meant for use in small compact pod mods.

    Note that if you want to stop consuming nicotine altogether, you can easily do that by purchasing zero-nic vape juices. You can vape herbs(like rosemary or mint), CBD and other substances that do not contain nicotine.

    How much is it going to cost me?

    A basic vaping kit costs very little – you can easily pick up a device for as low as $15. As you become more experienced and want to invest in a more powerful mod, you can do that as well. There are a lot of different devices on the market now and you won’t have trouble finding something within your budget.
    How much you will spend on e-liquid varies greatly. It depends on what you vape, how often you vape, what device you use and so on. In general, most ex-smokers would use about 10ml of e-liquid per week, which would add up to about $5/week. Note, that if you use pods and not e-liquid bottles, you will probably be spending more.

    What about maintenance?

    If you start with a basic pod mod kit, there will be minimal maintenance involved. All you will need to do is simply remove the empty e-liquid pod and replace it with a new one. If you later move on to a hybrid mod you will also need to replace the coils on your device. Each coil typically lasts for up to three weeks and replacing them is really easy. However, once you upgrade to a box mod, things may get a bit more complicated and you will need to dive a bit deeper into the components of the device, how they work and how to properly maintain them.

    Am I able to quit smoking?

    Vaping is considered to be one of the most effective ways to quit smoking and is generally advised to those who had tried to give up the habit and relapsed. What makes it effective is the fact that you get to keep a lot of the social and physical elements of smoking a cigarette – and you are still getting your nicotine intake. Basically, you will only be asked to make a few adjustments to your current lifestyle and it should not feel like major stress or change in your life. So, yes, most people are able to quit smoking by switching to vaping. However, your own commitment and a true desire to leave the habit behind are essential for making it a success.

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    This is a UK based and UK centric forum, 50mg/ml juices aren't legal for sale.


    They are a modified form of nicotine that has a post extraction additive to alter the alkalinity.

    There is no difference in the extraction process.

    I would love to see a source for this, because everything I've ever seen would suggest you are way off the mark.

    I've saved this until last.

    That is exceedingly dangerous advice, especially aimed at people with no prior knowledge.

    You should be ashamed.
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