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The Cute HQD Comma Pod System Vape Kit In Stock

Discussion in 'Smokstore.com' started by smokstore, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. smokstore

    smokstore Overseas Vendor

    Apr 30, 2015
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    The cute HQD comma pod system vape kit in stock,only $21 per set.6 colors available.

    it built-in 380mah battery and the pod can hold 2ml e juice.

    the battery indicator LED light will show battery life,

    with air-driven system,it activates when air flow in.

    Link: https://www.smokstore.com/HQD-Comma-Protable-Pod-System

    HQD_Comma_Protable_Pod_System.jpg HQD-Comma-Pod-System-Starter-Vape-Kit-1.jpg HQD-Comma-Pod-System-Starter-Vape-Kit-2.jpg HQD-Comma-Pod-System-Starter-Vape-Kit-3.jpg HQD-Comma-Pod-System-Starter-Vape-Kit-5.jpg

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