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Game Changer RDA?Smoothest Vape? Check The Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA WIth 10% OFF Code

Discussion in 'Smokstore.com' started by smokstore, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. smokstore

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    Apr 30, 2015
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    The Mesh style coils can give better flavor experience in various ways, now the new Wofoto Profile Mesh RDA in stock, 6 colors available: SS, Black, Blue, Gun Metal, Gold and Rainbow. it's 24mm diameter RDA, with wide clamp posts with side securing method, it's very easy to install all kinds of coils on the deck and can switch between mesh and wire coils. the packing comes with bending tool for shaping and fine-tuning the mesh sheet so as to heat evenly.

    1. The flavor can be broken down layer upon layer
    2. Break-through mesh style heating element
    3. Easy to switch between mesh and wire coils.
    4. Spring-loaded ceramic support ensuring contact between mesh and cotton.
    5. 24mm sleeve with accurate air inflow.
    6. Experience from cool vape to warm vape.
    7. Up to 30 puffs at 75W before needing to saturate the wick when using pancake wicking method.

    Now all colors of wotofo profile Mesh RDA in stock, 6 various colors, use the code " Profile " Save 10%.


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