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Vaporesso OSMALL Kit built-in 350mAh 2ml

Discussion in 'ECOAO' started by ecoao, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. ecoao

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    Dec 2, 2019
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    VAPORESSO presents OSMALL, a new pod system that features a straight forward navigation powered by 350mAh built-in battery. Overall minimalism design yet critically redefined as the deep simplicity. Paired with 11W and 1.2Ω resistance gives the comfortable throat hit for the fantastic draw. Osmall just boost from extraordinary performance and deliver you original without missing flavor.

    The OSMALL creates comfortable sense of grip that measures 26.5mm*13.4mm*84.2mm definitely cater to fans of minor and simple vapes. Texture surface creates OSMALL impressive hand feel from an ultra compact design. There is always one for user’s type in total of 8 colors optional. Adopted the optimized pod perfectly matches the OSMALL battery, 1.2Ω constructed with the new flax cotton and non-woven fabrics just deliver the high nicotine concentrate. Directly draw activation just lead you into massive and dense pod vapor. Maximum 2ml capacity for e-liquid containing, easily get through users’ moderate vaping a day.

    Moving forward, 5 safety protections for OSMALL vapes are available, the safety has just been taken to next level. Fill your e-liquid by unplugging the black silicone tab located by the side of the pod, and the larger hole assures the e-liquid more efficient without wasting. As Vaporesso pod system tradition, pod connected with the OSMALL battery well with the strong magnet design. There is the Micro-USB port located the bottom of the device for safe charging. OSMALL is ready for any picky challenge.


    Dimensions: 84.2x26.5x13.4mm
    POD Capacity: 2ml
    Resistance: 1.2ohm
    Battery Capacity: 350mAh
    Output Power: 11W

    It comes with

    1 x OSMALL Battery
    1 x 1.2Ω Regular Pod
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Warranty Card

    Buy from https://www.ecoao.com/products/vaporesso-osmall
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  3. ecoao

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    Dec 2, 2019
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    this Vaporesso new launching OSMALL pod system from ECOAO.com last week. Firstly appreciate for the quick shipment, wait to say something about this fantastic OSMALL refill pod kit.
    it just makes a quality feel in hand. It measure on 26.mm*13.4mm*84.2mm that perfectly fits my palm and evenly lighter than any pod starter kits I have ever had. When comes to its performance, It is just out of my expectation from a pod. The top notch flavor is available to be delivered from OSMALL, pure and crisp.
  4. ecoao

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    Dec 2, 2019
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    VAPORESSO OSMALL Pod Kit review from https://www.ecoao.com/blogs/reviews/vaporesso-osmall-review


    The OSMALL is the latest draw activation portable pod system presented by Vaporesso. It is a minimalism juul alternative vape pod yet built with sturdy quality from body to brain housed within optimal pod. There are total of 8 colors for different vaper customization, each of them is no exception in stylish to reach the art of fashion. 1.2Ω coil constructed with new flax cotton and non-woven fabrics paired perfectly Nic-salt absorption. It comes with an OSMALL POD that has 2ml capacity for e-liquid containing. Its filling got easier than ever VAPORESSO pod systems, larger hole instead of PTF (Press to Fill), e-liquid just could be refilled efficiently by unplugging the black silicone tap located by the side of the pod.


    Vaporesso claimed it as the next level of convenience with button free design, easier refilling system and quick charging system. Although there so much various pod systems has ever seen for now, Vaporesso OSMALL still beyond most of them. Performance is extraordinary as VAPORESSO product always should be, no less than any of the popular pods. I just get over it since I vaped it once. Welcome to go ahead to check it out with me.


    • Dimensions: 84.2x26.5x13.4mm
    • POD Capacity: 2ml
    • Resistance: 1.2ohm
    • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
    • Output Power: 11W
    In the box

    • 1 x OSMALL Battery
    • 1 x 1.2Ω Regular Pod
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Warranty Card


    The Best refillable pod vape OSMALL just easily covered by palm with slim and concise design measuring 26.5mm*13.4mm*84.2mm, gives so comfortable sense of just right. You can slip it into your pocket even you can hardly to fell such a lightweight device. The OSMALL body is covered by textured surface, creating impressive quality in hand when you hold it, and can’t wait to vape it at once.

    There is not a complicate navigation to get through with OSMALL, button free for draw activation skips the confusion how many times clicking exactly would get this vapes working due to it is pretty many button devices on your vape shelf. But if there are children around, then to put OSMALL to hidden or high places after you use it will be strong recommended for preventing the children from accident vaping. The charging port is located on the bottom of the device, only 20mins to get fully charge. Convenient and efficient.



    Continuity style of Vaporesso Zero and Aurora Play, OSMALL POD connected with its mod well with strong magnet, it is impressive part of easily plugging but with tightly connection. The coil is developed with the new flax cotton and non-woven fabrics instead of the patented CCELL coil, as VAPORESSO announced, it is a latest optimized technology. And facts proved that every optimization comes with more attractive highlights, so does OSMALL pod. When vape it with my lower VG e-liquid, I did still get the massive and smooth vapor which beyond most of similar products.

    The feeling slot is located by the side of the pod, the black silicone tab protects the e-juice leaking efficiently, I can hardly see any leaking from the slot. But what I am going to complain about is leaking slightly sometimes from the bottom of the pod. The larger filling hole allows refill easier and more efficient, you don’t have to press down and fill with a tiny drip like VAPORESSO PTF (Press to Fill) system. Moreover, if you wanna empty your pod to replace another flavor, this refill system definitely is a good helper to make it effectively, which is also can’t be realized from PTF system.

    Make headway, the OSMALL is still a best pod system for flavor that cannot check its e-juice level anytime. You need to plug the pod out to check your e-liquid level. This is what almost of vape manufacturers usually designed, so at this point, I am the bigger fan of UWELL caliburn, check the e-juice level directly via the window. I am looking forward Vaporesso add this feature to their pod system!


    How it performs

    The OSMALL performs extraordinary in more than one aspect, the most impressed me is the dense and smooth clouds production, even do a better job than Renova Zero which is built in CCELL patented coil. We know that if we choose a pod system, by any means, it would be some sacrificing vapor from our vaping, so generally speaking, vapers don’t make high expectation on clouds when they vape with a pod system. But this OSMALL just take me out of this stereotype opinion, although it is not as to a box kit, it is definitely beyond a pod should be. Simply speaking, I love its vapor performance, massive and smooth!

    No matter what types we vape, the flavor is what we always care about the most. OSMALL deliver mouthful top notch and crisp flavor, not missing from original taste of your e-liquid. It did a good job in original flavor delivery. I would like to say OSMALL is next super flavor star after UWELL CARLIBURN, it is qualified to be my pocket soli choice all the time.

    Moving forward, its coil lifespan also shocked me, even I filled the higher VG: PG(6:4) for several times since I use it, the coil still keeps well performance, not easy burn out and keep working. So, I think this is also the reason why I can enjoy the massive vapor with OSMALL!


    Different vapers has his draw preference. Some get over the smooth, and some like the tight draw. If I you sort the draw level from low to high as: loose<smooth<tight, then I will put OSMALL draw between smooth and tight. I won’t give the score on this, because everyone has his choice, and you just take your decision.

    Everything has its two sides, and OSMALL with some complains. Sometimes gurgling happens around the fourth time refilled, but fortunately not serious. But we all know that almost all vapes has this issue, so maybe someone would don’t regard this as a problem, it is normal. Another normal phenomenon is spit back, once you put your device by side for some days, spitting would be high ratio. But something wired happened, I take OSMALL all day and vape it, still spit occurred, while this issue has stopped after I change another pod replacement. I feedback to Vaporesso, and they said will keep strict checking the quality and make some improvement. Anyway, I wish that I was the last one met this issue.

    Battery life and charging

    The charging port is located on the bottom of the OSMALL. I like this stealthy design, when the charging port happens on the OSMALL body which is visually, I would regard it as not perfect. Type-C USB cable would be found in the box for your charging.

    As official announced, the OSMALL has been protected by 5 protections against security issue, you can entirely trust its battery safety. I recharged and it is definitely safe.

    The OSMALL is powered by 350mAh built-in battery, which is lower than those 650mAh devices. But it is unfair to judge its battery life in compare with the different power battery. Stand with its competitors with 350mAh in the market, OSMALL no less than any of them. And with a quick charge, about 25 mins can fully charge OSMALL.



    • Dense and smooth clouds
    • Pure and crisp flavor
    • Coil long life span
    • Efficiently charging
    • Higher VG suitable
    • Large hole for easier filling
    • Strong magnet connection

    • Gurgling sometimes
    • Spit back at original pod
    • Leaking slightly from the pod bottom


    Above all, the Vaporesso OSMALL pod system is a lightweight yet quality design. Although its original pod makes some spit back, I believe it is the low ratio on 1/1000. And gurgling or leaking issue is normal for all vape devices. These shortages even not effect my affection to this little substantial pod system. Higher VG without dry hit; larger filling slot replace the PTF; black silicone anti the major leaking efficiently; massive vapor production than average; pure and top notch flavor delivery…above are the reason why OSMALL is worthy of picking. And it would be my solid choice for my vape pod.

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