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Flavour Boss Christmas Raffle

Discussion in 'Flavour Boss' started by Flavour Boss, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Is now LIVE!


    Head to the group for more details but the prize list is currently standing at.....

    Prizes Below are based on a tier basis, so once we reach a certain value the next tier will be released. There are more prizes to add on but this is the list so far. Total Accumulative Value at the moment across all prize tiers is £1354.
    Prize Tier 1 - UNLOCKED
    Prize 1 to 27
    Underground Box mech kit
    Lucemill Mystery Pack
    Funky 60w TC Mod (Awesome little bit of kit)
    Incubus Clone
    Ijoy Maxo w/ 4 married batteries
    10 atty stand from Stand Out Stands (Mark Sherwin)
    Smoant Battlestar
    AV Swiss Mech Clone
    1L Boss Shot from Flavour Boss
    20% Discount Code for Flavour-Boss.co.uk
    Tesla Stealth
    10% Discount Code for Flavour-Boss.co.uk
    500ml Boss Shot from Flavour Boss
    Sense Cyclone Tank
    7xESIGE Sub ohm Tank
    Mad Hatter V2 w/ 1x SS316L 24ga 10m & 1x SS316L 28ga 10m
    Innokin iTazte VF
    Pink HCigar Tweezers
    Pack Clear Battery Wraps
    1x SS316L 24ga
    1x SS316L 28ga
    5x pk of Vapebands (Will go in random prizes)

    Non-Vaping Prizes – Random Draw
    Prize 28 - 39
    1x Veho Z-2 Earbuds
    1x Ganzo Multi Tool
    1x Screen Phone Magnifier
    1x Jack Headphones by Amplify
    1x Betron Portable Wireless Speaker
    4x Cupboard Sensor LED Lights
    2x Frisbees
    Prize Tier 2 - UNLOCKED

    Prize 40 - 50
    1x 1L Boss Shot
    1x 500ml Boss Shot will be added
    Dotmod RTA Clone
    Petri 2 Clone
    Sig 150 black
    2x AV Avidlyfe clone mech set
    AV Hacksaw Kit Silver Clone
    AV Stormtrooper Clone
    Scndrl V3 Mech Clone Silver/Black
    Scndrl v3 Clone Brass

    Prize Tier 3 UNLOCKED

    Prize 50-67
    1x Vape EXPO VIP Ticket (Worth £60)
    3x Rig v3 Mech Clones (Different Colours)
    Petri Clone Mech Mod
    Cotton Candy AV Mech Clone
    Copper Able Clone Set
    Goon Mech Clone Set
    AV HK25 Kit Silver Clone
    AV Able Kit clone (Blue)
    AV Able Stacked Clone
    Sig J150 in Black/Red
    1x 50% Discount Code for Flavour Boss
    1x 20% Discount Code For Flavour Boss
    1x 10% Discount Code for Flavour Boss
    2x 1L Boss Shot from flavour-boss.co.uk

    Prize Tier 4 UNLOCKED
    Prize 68+
    Mod/Mech Of Choice to the value of £150
    Another DNA to be added. (Awaiting delivery - will be used in another giveaway if not arrived in time and other prizes will be added)

    Additions will be made below this and stated which tier they will appear in. Please try and keep this thread clear for questions. You can pm me. It will take me a while to get back to you for obvious reasons so please bear with me.

    YOU CANNOT RESERVE TICKET NUMBERS OR ASK TO PAY THROUGH PM - It's not fair on the rest. Paypal only and in order of payment.

    Draw will take place with my ugly sour depressed face on the 10th December Live for transparency.

    #teamboss all the way
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  2. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Up to tier 3 is now unlocked!
  3. bergkamp

    bergkamp Achiever

    Jan 13, 2016
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    Not on Facebook , so can't see what the crack is , do you have to be on Facebook to enter ?
  4. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Not at all mate. Instruction on how to enter are below.

    If you make sure to start off with POTV in the notes on paypal it'll help me get in touch with you quicker if you have won!

    ***Christmas Raffle - Runs from December 1st to December 10th***
    Draw on December 10th***Winners posted December 12th

    Ticket - £1 per number - ticket number allocated on payment.
    Payment (F&F if possible...) https://www.paypal.me/GMcKenzie / [email protected]

    If you want to know your numbers just send me a message here and I'll let you know which ones have been allocated for you.

    Once we reach a certain amount money starts going back to charity, so the more that enter, the more goes back to charity basically! Anything else don't hesitate to give me a shout.

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  5. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Tier 4 is 50 away from being unlocked. I will get a POTV charity poll up shortly. The charity post is up on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/groups/flavourboss

  6. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Tier 4 is now unlocked :) All money from this point forward will be going to charity along with a charity donation from the previous tiers. :)
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  7. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Tickets are selling fast now so we have added more prizes to compensate!
    There may be more additions before it closes 9am on Saturday!

    Tier 1 -

    AV 'AvidLyfe' Clone - Prize 69
    Worlds Smallest Helicopter - Prize 39

    Tier 2 -
    VGOD RDTA Clone - Prize 70
    Pharaoh RDTA Clone - Prize 71

    Tier 3 -
    VGOD Pro Mech/RDTA Clone Kit - Prize 62 (Replacing the Sig J150)

    Tier 4 -
    Revolver Clone Mod - Prize 73
    AV Cotton Candy Gyre Clone - Prize 74 (The one you all went ooooh shiny purple thing)
  8. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    **RAFFLE** (People tagged in post is to give you an update if you wish to post to your members [​IMG]:) Anyone who I forgot to tag please don't kill me [​IMG]<3)

    So, sitting at 74 prizes at the moment. I've got 4 more to enter the fray if we raise an extra £200 which will go directly to charity. I'll make it 6 prizes if we hit the 2k ticket mark. (354 to go)

    With 4 tiers of prizes ranging from the weird to the wonderful, it's certainly worth getting involved in if you haven't already. There's a post further down that has all the entry details. In short - Payment to paypal.me/GMcKenzie - £1 per ticket - max of 20. Please include email and postal address (not vital but will make my life seriously easier)

    Please remember if entering from POTV - start off the notes with POTV, same goes for other forum users, twitter etc. It'll be easier for me to contact you. Members of the FB group on Facebook don't need to worry about that [​IMG]:)

    Google Sheet with prize numbers has just been updated. It also has the prize list, with additions and how the draw will be taking place and in what order. The number list is valid to 10.30am 08/12/16 https://docs.google.com/…/1eCK1TGZ8LjulOIOj5OKaU8vqUJ…/edit…

    So spread the word. Draw is on Saturday morning after raffle closes [​IMG]:)
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  9. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Numbers accurate to 11.45am
    Additional Prizes will now be added. 75 numbers to go for another 2 on top of that.
    #9 Flavour Boss, Dec 9, 2016
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  10. Flavour Boss

    Flavour Boss Postman

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Hi Folks,

    Yes it has been drawn. I was waiting before posting the full results. The numbers are allocated below. Those with **UNCLAIMED** are the ones we are awaiting responses from. Charity donation (1st part) is being done later on today.

    Unfortunately, there has been several people that have asked for refunds from the raffle. In which 3 people so far have put claims in forward with one stating "It's against Paypal T&C's if I don't get a prize I'm telling you now they'll close you down" So waiting to see what's going to happen. In total 15 people wanted refunds, although a post on the Facebook group has reduced that to 6.

    Anyway, aside from that sad point, the results are below. Those with unclaimed will be redrawn if not claimed by Saturday.

    Apologies for the delay in posting that here.

    ADDITION - Worlds Smallest Helicopter 1183
    ADDITION - Worlds Smallest Helicopter 1004
    ADDITION - Worlds Smallest Helicopter 1622
    Frizbee 373
    Frizbee 1567
    Cupboard Sensr LED Lights 640
    Cupboard Sensr LED Lights 1860
    Cupboard Sensr LED Lights 176
    Cupboard Sensr LED Lights 204
    Betron Portable Wireless Speaker 118
    Jack Heaphones 951
    Screen Phone Magnifier 1150
    Ganzo Multi Tool 1782
    Veho Z-2 Earbuds **UNCLAIMED**
    SS316L 28ga x1 1758
    SS316L 24ga x1 **UNCLAIMED**
    Pack of Clear Battery Wraps 1120
    Pink Hcigar Tweezers 306
    Innokin iTazte VF 288
    Mad Hatter v2 w/ 2x10ft wire 24& 28ga SS 1268
    SIGE Subohm Tank 1287
    SIGE Subohm Tank 930
    ESIGE Subohm Tank 1707
    ESIGE Subohm Tank 608
    ESIGE Subohm Tank **UNCLAIMED**
    ESIGE Subohm Tank 699
    ESIGE Subohm Tank 1128
    Sense Cyclone Tank 1687
    500ml Boss Shot 1612
    10% Discount Code 1780
    Tesla Stealth 555
    20% Discount Code 1543
    1L Boss Shot - flavour-boss.co.uk 1112
    AV Swiss Mech Clone 356
    Smoant Battlestar 1821
    10 Atty Stand made by Stand Out Stands 1000
    IiJoy maxo w/married batteries 1946
    Incubus Clone 2099
    Funky 60w TC Mod **UNCLAIMED**
    Lucemill Mystery Pack 185
    Underground Box Mech Kit Clone 1761

    ADDITION - Tesla Stealth (Blue) 1724
    ADDITION - Tugboat Clone Set (Slight paint dmg) 725
    ADDITION -Pharaoh RDTA Clone 589
    ADDITION - VGOD RDTA Clone 775
    Scndrl v3 Mech Clone Brass 478
    Scndrl v3 Mech Clone Silver/Black 585
    AV Trooper Clone 674
    AV Hacksaw Kit Clone - Silver 667
    AV 'Avidlyfe' Clone Mech set 1697
    AV 'Avidlyfe' Clone Mech set 265
    Sig 150 - Black 987
    Petri 2 Clone 1249
    Dotmod RTA Clone 1392
    500ml Boss Shot 1464
    1L Boss Shot 470

    ADDITION - CONSVR Mech Clone 1467
    ADDITION - AV Swiss Clone 639
    1L Boss Shot 1727
    1L Boss Shot 471
    10% Discount Code 1977
    20% Discount Code 913
    50% Discount Code 23
    REPLACEMENT - VGOD Pro Mech/RDTA Clone 1540
    AV Able Stacked Clone 981
    AV Able Kit Clone - Blue 797
    AV HK25 Kit Silver Clone 1322
    Goon Mech Clone Set **UNCLAIMED**
    Copper Able Clone Set **UNCLAIMED**
    Cotton Candy AV Mech Clone 1537
    Petri Clone Mech 525
    Rig v3 Mech Clone 1749
    Rig v3 Mech Clone 371
    Rig v3 Mech Clone 1949
    Vape EXPO VIP Ticket 74

    ADDITION - AV Stormtrooper Clone 1600
    ADDITION - SOI Big Knurl Clone Kit 1798
    ADDITION - AV Candy Gyre Clone 1261
    ADDITION - Revolver Clone Mod 1360
    £150 towards mod/mech of choice 1940
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