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14% Off MICROCOSM LIGHT 650mAh vapes pod

Discussion in 'ECOAO' started by ecoao, Dec 20, 2019.

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    Dec 2, 2019
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    Introducing this brand new pod kit MICROCOSM LIGHT with buttonless operation, designed by Japanese well-known designer Masayuki Kurokawa, catches all of our affection in the first sight. Combined with beautiful and practical together to surprise your vaping, oval form with perfect curve fits your palm and creates comfortable sense of grip.

    When comes to performance, what is worthy of mentioning first is its smooth draw, no matter use on MTL / DTL. If anyone would like to have comparison with others, I would say LiGHT definitely can stand up to it. Original AOS (Active Open System) atomizer works on the principle of high conductivity organic cotton in cooperation with nickel-chrome heating wire, which not only keeps your taste boosting in rapid ramp-up, but also brings warm flavorful vape and dense clouds with every puff.

    How to realize the real smoking resistance of cigarette from LiGHT? The revolutionary Directional Vortex Air Management (DVAM) would give you the answer! Nature vortex air controls the airflow stable and suitable for you vaping.

    Buy MICROCOSM LIGHT 650mAh vapes pod
    Type: Refillable Pod System
    Capacity: 1.7ml
    Size: 87.50 * 16.90 * 31.72mm
    Weight: 62.4g
    Built-in Battery: 650mAh
    Recharge Time: 45mins

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