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Review A review of the service from Isle of Vapes.

Discussion in 'Positive Vendor/Seller/Mod Maker Reviews' started by Huggett, Jun 7, 2017.

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    Feb 25, 2014
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    Just thought i'd take 5mins to write this, in a society where you only hear people voice there opinions of a vendor generally when its negative.

    This review is based on my own personal experience, and in no way reflects and isnt endorsed yada... yada... by PlanetOfTheVapes.

    Some of you may know, I once was a vendor myself and now manage a local B&M store.

    Right pre-TPD sale, Isle of Vapes had an epic sale on. I'm sure a few of us grabbed a bargain, in my rush to get something for myself I was also messaging a mate who wanted something they stocked. The item was around half RRP from memory.

    Being a tired clutz and multi-tasking, I let my phone 'Auto fill' my address. It gave an incorrect work address line and then my home postcode...

    I wasn't aware this had happened until I got the despatch email, I quickly emailed Isle of Vapes and rang the store in a panic. The fella at the B&M was excellent, he told me his Boss was dealing with the mail orders and he'd contact him asap and get back to me.

    Within 10mins or so, I received a phone call back with an apology that the items had already left for the Post Office. Wait, I got an apology? Erm, its entirely my fault here not the vendors. So kudos.

    A little while went past, so off I fired an email to get the tracking number to see if there was any way of finding the astray parcel.

    Tuesday as it was a bank holiday I received a personal email from Mike who I believe to be the owner, with the tracking number.

    Sometime went by and obviously, it was bouncing around Royal Mail due to my mistake. I emailed RM customer services and got no response. So I ended up driving down to my local delivery depot to find out if they held it, they had no record of it sadly.

    The following day, it arrived. Awesome!

    Sadly, it was missing a part. No problem, popped an email over to IoV got a response pretty quickly. They'd checked the entire inventory of this item and they all had this part missing and would contact the supplier. - (Sweet, cheers for having a look. Expecting a very reasonable, hang on dude and when we get the part from them well ship it). Nope didn't get an acceptable you'll have to wait, they'd then taken a part from another item that was the part I needed and shipped it straight out.

    ^ So again, they didn't want to hinder me, well the friend of my workplace.

    Things happen in the industry, be it missing parts or whatever these things DO happen. Its how you react to it, this is why I felt these guys needed a write up. Not only have they had to deal with me (bless the poor gits), they'd done as much as they possibly could to:-

    A) Assist me although it was my error on the shipping address.
    B) Getting a part out to me, which meant they couldn't resell a device until the manafacturer got the part to them to replace it.
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