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Review ESPION TOUR review ..PT.2

Discussion in 'Misc Reviews' started by joe clay, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. joe clay

    joe clay Veteran

    Apr 19, 2014
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    (Part 1 here)

    This review is of my own thoughts on said item, i have nothing to do with the company in question and allthough i have been sent this for free or i have purchased this item doe's not in anyway give weight to my review outcome, in other words if it is shite then i will say its shite and if it is good then i will say its good.

    @Joyetech very kindly sent me their NEW ESPION TOUR KIT for me to try out and review, so lets get on with it.

    Whats in the box;
    1. ESPION TOUR Mod 220w (no battery)
    1. CUBIS MAX atomizer. (5ml)
    2. NCfilm TM heater 0.30 ohms(35-45w)
    1. QC USB charging cable.
    2. Manuals.
    2. Warning cards.
    1. Warranty card.
    1. CUBIS spare parts.

    NEXT we have the @Joyetech ESPION TOUR 220W MOD.

    Size: 48.0*33.0*140.0mm
    Weight: 147.5g (no cell)
    Colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue
    Battery using: dual high rate 18650 cells (CDR ≥ 25A)
    Screen: 0.96-inch OLED display
    Output: 1-220W
    Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TEMP/TCR mode
    0.05-3.5ohm for POWER mode
    Max charging current: 2.0A
    Max output current: 48A
    Max output voltage: 8V

    At 1st you notice its all plastic so was a little unimpressed but then you notice how light this mod really is, and its really quite sturdy and solid, the battery compartment is compact and holds 2x 18650 cells and is clearly marked with "-" & "+" both top and bottom and cells are held inplace by 2x spring loaded contacts at the top of battery sled, it would have been nice to have a ribbon to help remove the cells as you have to either use your thumb nail or tap the mod to remove the cells.
    The battery cover is on the back of the mod and held in place by 3x magnets that do the job very very well, to remove just use your finger nail at the base and remove, surprisingly there is absolutely NO rattle or movement of the battery cover and is probably the best fitting cover i have come across with no gaps, just perfect fit.

    The fire button feels nice under your thumb with a slight curve to mimic your thumb, it seems to be hinged at the bottom of the fire button but no problem getting it to fire with a nice "clicky" feel.
    With the normal 5x clicks ON and 5x clicks OFF, to enter the MENU its just 3x clicks and your into the MENU;
    "MODE"= VW or TC or TCR.
    the led menu screen is a nice visible size with nice bright white numbers and lettering on a black background.

    The WATTAGE goes from 1.0w to 220w and the wattage goes from; 1.0w to 20.0w in "0.1w" increments and from 20.0w to 220w in 1.0w increments.

    The 510 is spring loaded but not to springy and the ONLY problem i have had is with the CUBIS mesh tank as when its tightened down there is a slight gap between the mod and tank and it ONLY happens with this tank which is strange cos it doesn't do it on any other mod and any other tank on the ESPION TOUR mod.
    Below the screen is the "up" "down" button , i say button cos its a 1 piece oblong button with nice "clicky" up & down, and below that is the charge port for cable charging with 2A maximum charging current, the ESPION Tour can be completely charged more quickly than the normal ones.
    The onboard reverse polarity protection protects the device from damage in the event of reverse battery installation. It also applies two sets of battery protection circuit system, realizing overall battery protection of over-charging, over-current and over-discharging, which makes it more safe and reliable.

    Upgradeable firmware

    The ESPION Tour comes with the upgradeable firmware.
    Go to http://www.joyetech.com/mvr-software/to download the latest firmware (if available) to update

    Now i HAVE been using this @Joyetech ESPION TOUR mod for the last week and the feel of the mod with its grooved front and back just feels really good and comfortable in the hand and ease of hitting the fire button, and even with 2x 18650 cells fitted in place its still very light.
    And after a week it really has surprised me just HOW good this ESPION mod is, i love it,it feels good, strong, and does what its supposed to do and it does it very well indeed....only gripe i have is; could have had a battery ribbon for ease of battery removal.

    Would i buy one you ask?...YES in a heartbeat as i really believe this is a really great mod without all the gimics and lights that other mods have,this has been produced to just do what its supposed to do and thats to VAPE.

    well done @Joyetech


    20181126_171957.jpeg 20181203_191332.jpeg 20181203_191542.jpeg 20181203_191556.jpeg 20181203_191621.jpeg 20181203_192014.jpeg 20181203_192053.jpeg 20181203_192129.jpeg 20181203_192220.jpeg 20181203_192300.jpeg
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  2. sacred

    sacred Achiever

    Apr 20, 2015
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    Great write up mate.

    How did you find the battery life ?

    Glad to see someone else recommend the kit. I still stand by it being one of the best kits of the year in my opinion for what it was
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  3. Michael jackson

    Michael jackson Achiever

    Jan 6, 2017
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    Great review.
  4. joe clay

    joe clay Veteran

    Apr 19, 2014
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    Yeh battery life is good but that could be cos only vaping mostly with the cubis at 40w plus the batteries are only powering the screen and the atty and not all these fecking disco lights and that
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