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Review Flavorah (FLV) Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer

Discussion in 'Flavour Concentrate Reviews' started by SessionDrummer, Sep 27, 2020.

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    Nov 17, 2018
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    All mixed 7-28-17, steeped 2 weeks, 70v/30p, on dual kanthal coils @ .33ohms on Steam Crave RDTA v.1. Dry burn coils and fresh cotton before each flavor for clarity. Also these flavors were evaluated purely as single flavors and @ percentages listed below. Differing percentages, and/or mixing could be very different. Milk Chocolate @ 1%, Vanilla Pudding, Whipped Cream, and Marshmallow @ 4%. Cookie and Cookie Dough @ 2.5%.


    Milk Chocolate (FLV) 1% (8-22-17) -- Realizing that chocolates are some of the harder flavors to get right, did not know what this held in store for me. Had been warned this was very strong, and they were right. @ 1% it was still too strong, which makes a complete evaluation hard. Overall actually was quite good. As stated, a little too strong @ 1%, but you could still define the clear notes of a good MC. Not dry or bitter, but this one will HAVE to be re-tested @ .5%. As it stands, even stronger than desired, it's overall flavor was very good. Easy 8.5/10. Will re-tested @ .5% and adjust as needed.

    Vanilla Pudding (FLV) 4% (8-22-17) -- I've yet to find a pudding that really gets it right, so excitement was in the air waiting for this one. Fresh in the tank it was quite good. Sweetness, some nilla, and some of the hard to explain aspects of pudding. This could easily be spiked up with some more vanilla, or even a choco to switch it up. Very surprised by this one, and actually finished the tester tank of it. 9/10.

    Whipped Cream Marshmallow (FLV) 4% (8-22-17) -- Heard rumors that there were chocloate notes in a Marshmallow ??? YES there are. Not sure how or why they did it, but they did. Very good overall mix, sweetness was about perfect. Sweetness and some mouthfeel on the inhale, and you can almost taste the slightly crisper outer layer of the MM on the exhale, along with some unexpected chocolate notes, very subtle, but there, and strangely it works very good. I can DEF. see this working in one of my fav. S'more recipies. Can't go lower than a 9.5/10 on this one.

    Cookie (FLV) 2.5% (4-28-18) -- Is there a cookie in the house ?? YES, there is. Soo many different cookies out there, and many are different. This one was quite solid @ 2.5%, great slightly sweet, bakery cookie. Maybe a hint of butter elements, but subtle. No choco in this one, but that's ok. I think the closest comparison would be FA Cookie, in that it's a solid yet laid back cookie, and def. leans towards the dry side. 8.5/10. Cookie Dough (FLV) 2.5% (4-28-18) -- I love cookie dough, so any CD flavor is going to have to work for it. Let this one steep for over 2 weeks as I read other comments stating that was a good starting time. This one was VERY full and rich @ 2.5%, surprisingly so almost. Wasn't as much of the dough as I would have thought, BUT, what it has is a VERY good oatmeal cookie flavor. Sure there's some cookie dough in there, but the main profile to my tasting is a delicious oatmeal cookie dough-ish flavor. Nothing off putting, and wow, for a NOT Oatmeal Cookie, sure seems like a GREAT one. 9.5/10.


    Thanks to @Lucas James 27
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