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Irish Cream - Flavor West - Alba-Vapours

Discussion in 'Other' started by VapeMeStoopid, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Flavour: Irish Cream

    Manufacturer: Flavor West (US Company)

    Retailer: http://alba-vapours.co.uk/

    Price: £3.75

    Price per ml: .37p


    I ordered this the other week with mine own pennies. I love a good Irish Cream, for use in cakes, coffee's ect. There isn't much to say about this flavour concentrate as it is exactly as I hoped. It is a non-alcoholic irish cream flavour. This concentrate has a few extra benefits as it can be mixed with other flavours to obtain a totally new flavour. Coffee? Cake? Whiskey? I dripped this with some of the candy cane flavour and it was REALLY good, also with the egg nog. This is very reminiscent of the Bailey's IC that we are all familiar with!

    It is nice and creamy, with...what I can only describe as a mocha/latte/cappuccino type undertone. A super mild minty type undertone there as well, it is so mild though it's almost an after thought. When received this concentrate was crystal clear it has now gone a lovely peachy colour and the flavour has come together very nicely.

    Vapour: this is very subjective again, it depends on the PG/VG ratio that you use.

    TH: Once again, very dependent on the mix you use. I vape higher VG so this is mild for me

    Use as a Mix: Can be used with several other flavours to get a nice combination for a new flavour

    Disclaimer:I bought this concentrate with mine own pennies and these are my opinions. They do not reflect those of this website or any other website.I did not receive payment or product for this review.

    Direct Link http://alba-vapours.co.uk/mixing-diy-flavours/ultra-strength-water-soluble-flavouring

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  2. Bryan123456

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    Jul 17, 2012
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    Did it come with the shamrock twizzle stick? A good review, thank you.
  3. No! I wish it had though!!

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