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Totally Wicked Gold Ice Menthol

Discussion in 'Mints and Menthols' started by emba, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. emba

    emba Postman

    Jan 23, 2013
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    ive got loads of various flavours, many are good but in most cases ive prefered them mixed with others so far and i havent actually tried all that i have yet, this one however stands out as possibly my favorite on its own so far.

    Flavour: Totally Wicked Gold Standard Ice Menthol
    Bottle: 10ml
    price: £2.24 (yoyo discounted, normally £2.99)
    Price per ml: £0.24 (£0.29 without discount)
    Type: Menthol/mint
    % used in review: 10%
    bought from: http://www.totallywicked-eliquid.co.uk

    ive never really been a massive fan of menthols when i smoked cigs but the small bottle of premix that came with my ecig was made with this concentrate and i really enjoyed it so i bought a bottle of the concentrate for my mixing kit (which is now starting to look like a mad scientists lab) its got the normal "freshness" of menthol as youd expect but also a distinct twang of spearmint too which makes all the difference, i diluted at 10% and dont have any complaints at all, its smooth minty and refreshing while not being over the top on the menthol, its not blow youre head off airwaves chewing gum strong and to me thats a good thing, think more like slightly mentholated wriglys spearmint gum.

    i cant really say much about steeping as pretty much everything ive made has been small amounts that ive put straight into a cart and given a test then moved on to others as i try and get my mixing skills refined, however i do still have my cherry menthol which i made with it yesterday (along with eliquidlabs cherry) still on the go and it seems to have gotten even better today and it was pretty damn good before.
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  2. the jester

    the jester Achiever

    Jan 21, 2013
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    ditto on the ice menthol...love it

    but now its all gone so will be mixing more menthol this evening using my menthol crystals solution :)

    def gonns try a cherry menthol too :)

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