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Solub Arome Natural Spearmint Pt 1

Discussion in 'Mints and Menthols' started by bluerobot, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. bluerobot

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    Sep 1, 2016
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    This ones an ongoing review and I'll post my next findings after I've tried the 5% mix. Started this one at 15% and the flavor itself is fine, not too sugary or sickly, just a good fresh spearmint. Only problem for me being that to mix the metaphors, it goes through all other flavors like a dose of salts, this ones the Genghis Khan of flavors, it just overwhelms everything it comes into contact with. Even now after a week it's still hanging round my tank, I'll re wick, clean and try the 5%.

    80/20 VG/PG 3% Nic.

    Just tried it at 5% and for me this is a good starting point, way more subtle, infuses rather than overwhelms, definitely a thumbs up. Percentages vary and are subjective but the more flavors I try the more I notice differences between brands of even the same flavor, Eg, Inawera Lemon at 6% is stronger than other brand Lemons at 20%. Ultimately it's a case of Vape it and see and read the reviews, though on some flavors there seems to be a general consensus/mean average.

    PS It seems with the super strong flavors like Inewara Lemon, (I'm going to take it down to 4%) whilst good value, that the percentage is more crucial to get right with less margin for error than some of the weaker flavors, as in if it's a 15% mix then a percentage point either way won't influence thing's massively, but on the lower end of the scale it seems to make more difference.
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