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Capella peaches and cream/raspberry

Discussion in 'Fruits' started by Cobra3164, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Cobra3164

    Cobra3164 Postman

    Feb 12, 2013
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    Ok I thought I would include both as I have just been vaping my now steeped what I call peach melba.

    Vendor: Alchemists Cupboard

    Brand: Capella

    Price: £2.99

    Size: 10ml concentrate

    Peaches and Cream: Firstly a warning this is a very powerful flavour concentrate use a little sparingly. The flavour description first you get a feel like a blanket of peach is being rolled out onto your tongue with a sweet hit, I would say a cross between fresh and tinned peaches then leaves you wondering "Where's the cream?" Now this is the most unusual sensation as you inhale you feel the sweetness hit the back of your throat and then you get a creamy mellow taste just take the prominence of the peach away and then the cream taste pats your palette and on exhale caress your nostrils now I use the gentle word because that is what the cream is like, but that is the impression I get. You will get more of the cream sensation if you exhale some through the nose. For those who are a fan of fruit and peach of course I do say give this a try, for those who do not like a sweet vape this will be too sweet for you. The throat hit is mild to moderate. Is this an all day vape? For me on its own no too sweet. Would I buy this again. Yes I do like it a lot.

    Raspberry: A warning again with this one it is potent use with moderation. Flavour a slight acid hits the front of your tongue first followed by a blast and I mean a blast of fresh raspberrys with a sweet hit on the back of the throat, I swear with this one I had tastebuds in my lungs I did feel a little like I was drowning in raspberry. I can't really think of any other short way to describe this very powerful flavour. Throat hit is again mild to moderate. Is this an all day vape. For me noooooo, could be for someone with a raspberry addiction. Would I buy this one again. The unexpected answer is yes, the reason being it is a great mixer for your own recipes, but I would say not on its own.

    I said with the raspberry for mixing yes, I don't know about others but I love peach melba and I wanted this sensation in my vape, and after steeping what I thought was the right combination the flavour took me back to that milkshake/icecream shop as a child ordering a peach melba. The following mix is what I did and all the flavours are capella branded. To make approx 30ml of juice:

    26ml of unflavoured juice you PG VG mix
    .5ml French vanilla
    1.5ml Peaches and cream
    1ml Vanilla custard
    .7 to 1ml depending on your raspberry liking

    Shake these in a bottle and leave for 1 week to steep.

    Enjoy one of the fruitiest creamy vapes ever.

    Happy vaping

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  3. Purplefowler

    Purplefowler Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 11, 2012
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    That sounds really good. Peaches and cream is next on my list to mix up when a bottle becomes available, it smells absolutely amazing!
  4. Bryan123456

    Bryan123456 Achiever

    Jul 17, 2012
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    Recipe sounds good and - I think I need to try Peaches & Cream too - a childhood dessert from Sunday teas :)
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  6. waseemnawaz29

    waseemnawaz29 Initiate

    Jun 23, 2013
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