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Price paid (£x.xx) £2.95
Bottle size (ml) 10
Price per ml (pence) £ 0.30p
Percentage used in review 15%
Concentrate cost to make 10 ml of e liquid £0.45p


I got up to 15% with this before the full flavour emerged and – wow – what a great blueberry taste. I have had punnets of blueberries from a supermarket that don’t taste as good as this. This, in my opinion is a better Blueberry flavour than the Inawera one. It is a really good authentic flavour.


Essential. Several days.



Throat hit

Value -commentary

A top quality flavour than needs no adulteration, additives or other ingredients with it – just add to diluted base, steep, vape.

Use as a mixing ingredient

Depends what you are trying to achieve – if your vape is blueberry dominated, use this, if it’s XXX & blueberries the Inawera competitor may be cheaper.

Effects on tanks and atomizers and any known ‘nasties’


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