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Capella - Vanilla Custard

Discussion in 'Cakes, Sweets and Desserts' started by VapeMeStoopid, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. AndyM

    AndyM Postman

    Nov 3, 2012
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  2. SMKD
  3. Really good price if bought in bulk too, however, I didnt need 524 10ml bottles!
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  4. McAldo

    McAldo Postman

    Jul 31, 2012
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    I am probably talking rubbish but, after seeing your beautiful bottles, I happened to think that my Bella valente was in a glass dropper bottle. When it happened, million years ago somebody on ECF suggested that some flavours might react with the plastic/rubber in the dropper cap.
    But other flavours in the same kind of bottle never gave me any problem.. Uhhh.. Mysteries of vaping :)
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  5. Vape Green
  6. I am taking delivery on monday of about 30 glass bottles, so maybe I'll be able to report a difference?

    As it stands right now, I have to chuck about 5ml of this out, its completely unvapeable :(
  7. The Alchemist

    The Alchemist Postman

    Nov 18, 2012
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    Some questions that may point you towards an answer.....

    Did you use different nicotine stock? some nicotines (usually VG based I have found - the ones that are light brown in colour) can cause a peppery taste when left to steep with some concentrates (not all)?

    Did you steep with the cap on or off?

    Where (in relation to other potential contamenents) did you steep the liquid?

    Was it a new bottle or a re-used one?

    Are you sure you got the nic value correct, overdoing it can give hard TH and a peppery taste.
  8. Nope, same nic base I have used since September, not happened in any other mix I've made :(

    On :)

    I steep on the shelf above my desk.. there are only 2-3 bottles at any given time of other juice around it.

    New Bottle :D

    Yes :)

    I have my mix and a GVC mix and both have done this peppery thing. I have tried both on several different methods, tank, igo, 306,
  9. EthelKing

    EthelKing Veteran

    Jul 18, 2012
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    This is weird! Most of my capella mixes started out quite promising, but have slowly deteriorated into fairly tasteless, with a hint of what they originally started as. I've added EM and sweetener, and more concentrate but there is little improvement. This has happened to me before and after a month the "insipid" juice turned into something rather nice. I'm hoping that the capella ones do the same... :(
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  10. AnnaLaw

    AnnaLaw Postman

    Dec 13, 2012
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    I've only made a 10ml test bottle of Capella VC so far, steeped for a week when I had my second taste yesterday.
    It started off, I thought, nicer than GVC. It's still nice but not as sweet, but I've been advised to steep for 2 weeks.
    It's still good but a friend who was given a taste of GVC and mine yesterday said mine could do with being sweeter.
    My mix is only Capella Vanilla Custard and EM. So, depending on how it ends up, I'm wondering if I should add either/and sweetener and/or vanilla.
    Mine tastes fine to me so far but the GVC is a little sweeter. If mine doesn't lose the sweetness it has now, it's good to my taste and I'll make a bigger batch with no twaking.

    Re-used bottle, with needle cap, steeped for a day with cap off, 2 days cap on but air entry via neddle cap, since then, cover on needle. Short time in sunlight, only the cat thought it was a toy, so got tired of finding the bottle on the floor, been kept in the cupboard ever since.

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