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Chai Tea from Capella

Discussion in 'Beverages' started by Michaeltoo, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Michaeltoo

    Michaeltoo Postman

    Nov 11, 2017
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    searched the forum did not find my favorite concentrate i have available anytime, Capella managed to bring the flavour perfectly. It is not just a sweet tea with milk, but also the spice flavour is there. Tried it with a sweetener once, but doesn't make it any better, contrary it deletes the spice flavour.

    when sweet juices loosing their taste, this is my choice after a tank of mint flavour or tongue reset

    Capellas recommendation 5 to 7 %, i am mixing it at the lower end, but probably bcs i have lowered the nic during the last 2 years. Anyway imho 10 % or so wud be too much. But of cause this depends on your style of vaping, i'd say it taste best with a slightly restricted dtl at a moderate wattage 20 to 50. i think i miss the spice to a certain extend in the GT3 e.g.

    Pls ignore errors, english is not my 1st language.

    needless to say above just my opinion, just wanted to share. the only interest i would have in people buying this could be that capella keeps on producing it :21:

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  2. SMKD
  3. Purplefowler

    Purplefowler Administrator Staff Member

    Jul 11, 2012
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    I’d forgotten about this flavour and I don’t know why as I used to love it. I am a bit of a tea snob so I didn’t hold out much hope when I first got it but I agree with you, it’s a very real chai flavour. Might have to pick up another bottle next time I order
  4. zouzounaki

    zouzounaki Olympian

    Dec 13, 2016
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    Very occasionally I have an urge to vape a tank of jasmine tea liquid. Chai liquid sounds excellent, I’ll have to look into this.
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  5. Smoorecig
  6. *Wookie*

    *Wookie* Achiever

    Sep 25, 2017
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    Would love to try this but dont do DIY as of yet - anyone know of a decent premixed Chai Tea?

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