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Review Manabush Toffee Cream X base zero 10

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Reviews' started by eyeball kid, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Mar 21, 2016
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    Manabush base zero 10
    Toffee Cream.
    I've had this review sitting to post for a while and with the revolucion range currently blowing my tastebuds I thought it's time to post this before I get behind.
    Now I'm mainly a mouth to lung vaper but I do dabble with various higher vg juices and one range that was a regular here at eyeball tower's was the bunkr patisserie range.
    Of that range the one juice that has consistently been revisited here is the toffee cream. Needless to say I was a tad worried when I heard bunkr was winding down.
    Good news is not only has Toffee cream been transferred over to the excellent base zero range it's been completely overhauled by the maestro of Manabush.
    Toffee cream X.
    You may be familiar with the start point of you've previously tried bunkr toffee cream but be prepared to take flavour to another level.
    The best thing for me about the base zero range is the fact that you can order in both a 60ml (50mls of over flavoured juice with the option of a 70/30 10mls nic shot for 3mg high vg dtl juice)
    Or the smaller shorty bottles to make 30mls of juice closer to 50-60%vg with a higher nic level for mouth to lung tanks.

    Manabush also offer the 50/50 shots with the big bottles of you like your mtl liquid at 3mg.
    Options galore.
    I've taste tested the new Toffee Cream X back to back with the old toffee cream and if you where already a fan your not going to be disappointed. It's like Manabush have turned the volume up to eleven and added a complete orchestral backing track of flavours.
    You get a smooth rich moreish toffee that is complemented by a deep fragrant vanilla of the type your find in a posh custard. Then there's the tingle of chantily cream that stays on the tongue after.
    For those of you with simpler tastes like me, I'd say remember that bloody tasty Angel delight butterscotch flavour you had as a kid.
    It reminds me of a more deep grown up version of that.
    If you like your pud eliquids it's a must try and completely addictive stuff.
    I've tried Toffee Cream X in both dtl (plenty of thick vapour and the flavours smack your tastebuds up) and mtl (The flavour is slightly subtler but draws you in as the flavours mellow on the tongue)
    What is even more astonishing is now it's joined the base zero range it's a frikin steal for a high quality juice with layers of complex flavours.
    As with all the base zero range I'd whack the nic shot in directly on arrival and if possible (no easy task) a few day's to a week will add depth and smoothness to the flavours (like allshortfill liquids).
    Anyone who's spent any time on potv will know that this juice is made in a top notch production facility to the highest hygiene standards and you'll never find any nasties in manabush lquid).
    Coil friendliness is about average as you'd expect for such a rich flavour and sweetness is spot on with no sugars or nasty sucrose flavours to be found.
    I've said it before. Yep I'm a fan of manabush for sure and the way they blend juice blows my mind but even if you've tried manabush previously and not found it for you (especially as a dtl vaper ) I'd urge you make some room in your tank for this. It's a banger.

    As ever although I was lucky enough to get to try this liquid in advance of launch, this review is based on the juice I purchased myself with my own filthy cash.

    But some here.
    Now... Go on. I've already said. It's awesome.
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