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Review HiLIQ shortfills

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Reviews' started by Sam's Vape Reviews, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Sam's Vape Reviews

    Sam's Vape Reviews Achiever

    Mar 10, 2017
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    Alright guys we are back with another juice review.

    These juices were sent out for the purpose of this review so thank goes out to @HiLIQ_Mat. All opinions expressed here are those of my own and no one else's.

    We are looking at 4 shortfills from HiLIQ they are 50ml in a 60ml bottle with the removable nibs so easy to top up. They are 70vg30pg. I've topped mine up with some base mix to keep it 0mg. They are priced at £9.99 per 50ml shortfill.

    I'm using the double barrel mod with the pharaoh rda with a tri fused Clapton coming in at 0.33ohm from 35-70w

    The first one we are looking at is Bonfire Country.

    The finger taste.

    On the finger you are getting sone fruits coming through along with some marshmallow. It leaves a lingering marshmallow taste in the mouth which I like.

    Let's have a vape.

    I do quite like a marshmallow vape. So this one has been a favourite of mine. You still get some fruityness along with the marshmallow. It's a sweet juice but not overly sweet at all.

    Sam's super saucy scale

    I'm gonna give the a 7.5/10.

    It's a great juice. But for me I would find it a touch sickly for an ADV. But it's good for a couple of hours.

    Time to rewick for the next juice.

    Now we are looking at.
    Breakfast Club.

    The finger taste.

    With this one you are getting a cereal flavour along with some creamy milk with a very slight hint of nut in the back.

    Let's have a vape.

    With this one the nuts and cereal have come together to make quite a unique flavour and with the milk it is quite pleasant. I did wonder about this combination but it works well together.

    Sam's super saucy scale

    I'm giving this a 8/10

    The mix of cereal and nuts is quite a nice flavour and I am really enjoying it.

    Time for a rewick and a cup of tea and we will move to the next juice.

    Now we are looking at Mommy's Milk.

    The finger taste.

    You are getting some strawberry with some creamy custard. Does it taste like mommy's milk. I don't think it does. Let's move on

    It's time for a vape

    On the Vape the strawberry has backed down a little and you are getting more of the creamy custard coming through. Quite a pleasant vape.

    I'm scoring this a 6/10

    The flavour of the juice is great but with a name like that I'm afraid it looses points. With a name change I would but it no problem.

    Ok final rewick for the last bottle of juice.

    Last up is Pot of Gold

    The finger taste.

    All I can taste here is banana and nut. There is something else in the back round but it can't come through the bananas and nut flavour.

    Let's have a final vape.

    Again on the vape I'm getting banana and nut. Both flavours have chilled out a bit but it's all in tasting. Although they do come together to make an ok flavour.

    Sam's super saucy scale

    I'm gonna give this a 6/10

    While it is not un-vapable this one just isn't for me. But taste is subjective so I'm sure there is people out there who would like it.


    Alright guys thanks for reading my review. And as always if you wanna check any of the juices out yourself the link is below

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  2. HiLIQ_Mat

    HiLIQ_Mat Premium Vendor

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Thanks for the review Sam. Breakfast Club is one of my favourites so I'm glad to read that you liked it too :14:

    For anyone that wants to give them a try, you will find our PotV vendor discount code under the Premium Vendors section on the site. Also, all orders over £30 qualify for free UK delivery.
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  3. BULLDOG1964

    BULLDOG1964 Veteran

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Great review again there Sam well done .......:2thumbsup:...........
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  4. Jackymax

    Jackymax Achiever

    Mar 8, 2018
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    Great reviews again Sam! Wow, a cereal without strawberry! That's worth a look! :2thumbsup:
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  5. ryanohryan

    ryanohryan Premium Vendor

    Aug 16, 2016
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    Thanks for the Review Sam! :) Hoping you guys could try them!
    PS. The photo is awesome!
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