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Review Drippin by vapesuperstore

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Reviews' started by Sam's Vape Reviews, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Sam's Vape Reviews

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    Mar 10, 2017
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    Alright fellow apes. We are back again with a juice review.

    Also guys I'm changing the format of the reviews slightly so let me know what you think.

    These were sent out for the purpose of this review. So a big thanks goes to Dan and the team @vapesuperstore. All opinions expressed here are those of my own and no one else's.

    Today we are looking at a couple of flavours from the new drippin candy range and the new drippin deserts range. These are 50ml shortfills. They are 70vg30pg and are priced at £14.95 per 50ml or 2 for £25. I've topped mine up with some base mix to keep it 0mg.

    Today's set up is the geekvape blade with the Wotofo warrior rda with Wotofo juggernaut coils coming in at 0.19 around 70-110w

    So first up is

    Rainbow Lemon Sherbert.

    Since trying some other citrus flavours I have really being loving them. But this juice is a candied lemon flavour rather than a lemon juice flavour. Being a candy juice I was expecting it to be sweeter than it is but it's sweet but not too sweet at all. The lemon Sherbert flavour is a great combo. I've really been enjoying this one.

    Sam's super saucy scale

    I'm giving this a 7/10.

    Great juice and really nice flavours.

    Time for a rewick and the next juice.

    Next up in the drippin candy range


    Now with the flavour I've had to play around with the wattage slightly. I personally found the flavour a bit muted at lower wattage. So we are at 100w and the flavour really comes out for me. This is a really fruity and juicy flavour. And again this has a nicely sweetened candy flavour that goes really well with the fruityness. The only thing about this juice I don't like is the label.

    Sam's super saucy scale

    I'm giving this a 6/10.

    Mainly scoring it down due to the label. But otherwise it's a great tasting juice.

    Rewick time again then we will move on to the drippin desert flavours.

    First up in the desert range is

    Jello & Custard Donut.

    Now I was quite interested by this juice. As I have a few flavoured donuts and donuts with custard but never a jello and custard donut. I would of liked to taste some more of the jello but I'm really only getting the custard and donut with a little something hiding in the back round but still a nice vape.

    Sam's super saucy scale.

    I'm giving this a 6.5/10.

    Unfortunately I'm just not getting the jello. But still a nice vape.

    Last rewick and the final juice.

    And the final juice is

    Lemon & Lime Cream Waffle.

    This juice seems to have a lot going on so let's have a vape and see how it tastes. I was expecting the citrus flavours to be quite dominant in this one but I quite like how they are in the back round. It's has quite a nice creamyness to it and it works well with the waffle flavour. This is probably my favourite juice out of the 4. It is well balanced with all the flavours working together.

    Sam's super saucy scale.

    I'm giving this a 8.5/10

    It's a nice desert flavour. All flavours working well together.

    Also I'm giving vape superstore a +1 for the bottles they used. The top is easy to remove to add a nic shot. And they are the right amount of squeezyness for me as well.

    Here is the link if you want to check it out yourself.


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