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Review DJ’s (not so ) Mini review of Amelia Rose Vapour

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Reviews' started by MrDJ, May 31, 2020.

  1. MrDJ

    MrDJ Legend

    Apr 4, 2015
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    Image790678739030618975.jpg Image4718160863393610954.jpg Image6060334005819632691.jpg

    DJ’s Mini review of Amelia Rose Vapour

    These 4 juices were supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review.

    As tastes are so subjective what one person likes the other may not so this review is of my own personal tastes and may differ from others.

    Due to a comment posted a few weeks ago I thought id clear this up first.
    Just because we get sent free juice once in a while we dont always give glowing positive reviews and rave about every flavour.
    Ive been sent juices before from quite a few companies and once review is posted there is always one or two replies saying I bet you always give good feedback as you got it for free. my response to that is nah, if its good ill say its good and if its kak ill say so as well. This is where the subjective tastes come in as not everyone likes what I like and vice versa.

    This is a new start for Jessica who owns Amelia Rose Vapour. The first I heard of this company was when Rob our Admin posted on the forum about this new company and how good the juices were.
    As im a bit of a Custard lover I was tempted but I was going to wait for a few reviews before I bought any as ive got at least twenty 50ml bottles of custard to get through anyway.. Ive tried many from new companies before and before I judge I always like to give the benefit of the doubt first.

    A few days later I was pm’d by Jessica offering to send me some testers to try out so I accepted.

    So what was I sent.
    Custard Suprise
    Lemon Custard
    Lemon & Lime
    Cookies & Cream

    You have the choice of 50ml for £7.50 or 100ml for £14.50 https://www.perfectvape.co.uk/

    Ive never seen these bottles before. They are 70ml bottles with ml level markings which is a good way of showing you are getting exactly 50ml of eliquid. They also have the removable nozzle which is a much easier way to add your nic shot without having to prise of the lid every time.

    These all came with 20mg 50/50 Nic Shots which will put the final mix at just over 3mg nic.
    I found the juice quite thin before I added the nic so as I use mainly subtanks I used my own 70vg nic as now we are moving into summer heat I didnt want to risk tanks leaking overnight.

    As Jessica is based in Spain I was expecting them to take quite a while to get here due to the backlog of postage and couriers. Well they arrived next day by UPS courier so top marks there.

    As I dont use RDA’s or drippers these will all be tested in my trusted Custard tanks of Crown 1 & 2 at between 30-50watts

    Ok enough waffle, onto the juice.

    I think even before trying these three out of the four have flavours im not keen on. Lemon is not a flavour i would buy and chocolate I actually dislike in a vape but I will keep an open mind and give my true thoughts below.

    Custard Suprise

    Im a bit of a custard lover and have tried literally hundreds over the past 5 years.
    What im picking up with this custard suprise is more of a caramel or toffee flavour instead of the usual vanilla im used too. Its got a slight throat hit as well which I wasnt expecting as usually 70vg nic makes most juices very smooth.(same nic has been used in 12 other bottles in the last two weeks). From using this in my crown 2 im not picking up many layers where a rda might pick them up more. As these juices only arrived on 30th April so 15 days might not be long enough steep time so I will come back to this one.

    Ok, 28 days later.

    Juice has gone a nice golden brown which is always a good sign for a custard.
    Changed to the crown 1 with 0.25 coil at 30-50watts
    With a new coil the first few puffs I thought I could taste a hint of biscuit of some sorts but now its back to the caramel or toffee base I was getting before and a much richer smoother custard vape.
    The custards defo need a good month to steep as the flavour is much better than when I first tried it after 15 days. There is still a slight throat hit at higher wattage so dropped from 50 to 35w.

    Overall a nice flavoured vape and certainly worth a go if your into your caramel / toffee flavoured custards.

    Lemon Custard

    As above ive tried many different custards but never a plain Lemon Flavour before.
    I must admit its not a flavour I would normally buy as I dont like lemons..
    This starts of quite a mellow lemon flavour but gets stronger the more i vape it. Its a crisp authentic sharp lemon flavour but its overpowering any notes of a custard flavour. There is quite a sour aftertaste left in my mouth just like a real lemon.
    Sadly I could not finish more than one 5ml tank at a time due to it being lemon and not due to the quality.

    If you like lemon I guess this one is for you.

    Lemon & Lime

    The fruit flavours on this one are more subdued but still strong enough and helped by the lime a lot. They actually compliment each other. The lemon flavour still leaves the sour aftertaste which I just cant get on with but this is still a smooth vape with no rough throat hit what so ever. overall quite a nice refreshing taste thanks to that lime kick to it. This is also the only one that has not changed colour after 28 days of nicotine being added.

    Im trying to wreck my brain as it tastes very similar to some sweets that I had as a kid. Could well be the green and yellow roundtrees fruit pastils eaten together. I think if you like these flavour profiles you will love this one. It has certainly grown on me and even with the lemon im liking this one best.

    Cookies & Cream

    When I first opened the lid on the day I received them the above three had no noticeable smell but this one had a very strong almost overpowering smell of what I thought was cocoa or dark chocolate .

    After 28 days steep the smell is still very strong but more like a dark chocolate biscuit similar to a chocolate bourbon or an oreo. Its quite a strong flavour and if you like dark cookie/chocolate vapes this might be right up your street.
    Anything under 50watts and im only getting the chocolate cookie/biscuit with no cream noticeable.
    Pushing it at 60watts there is a slight hint of a creamier taste but its a bit too warm for me at 60watt.

    Overall there is plenty of flavours to chose from for everyones taste buds. if you dont mind waiting for them to steep for a good few weeks these are well worth a punt.

    Thank you once again to Jessica @Phoenix for sending me these to try out and I wish her good luck with her new venture.
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  3. BigCloud

    BigCloud Veteran

    Nov 11, 2018
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    thanks for the review mate

    will be picking up the custard suprise to check out :2thumbsup:
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  4. BULLDOG1964

    BULLDOG1964 Legend

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Great review mate like BigCloud i like the sound of the custard surprise .
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  5. Grey Haze
  6. DeeDee aka (Pod Queen)

    DeeDee aka (Pod Queen) Veteran

    Aug 9, 2019
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    Nice review. Im not into custards at all but do like lime or lemon!

    Ps: it annoys me when people make comments about how we review.
    I have NEVER given untruthful reviews and i always tell the manufacturers in advance i will be very honest.
    Some people are just jealous i think mate

    D x
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  7. rew

    rew Legend

    May 18, 2016
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    Great review mate. Thanks for taking the time
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  8. Phoenix

    Phoenix Vendor

    May 4, 2020
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    Thank you for your honest review @MrDJ
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