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Review Darkstar Cosmix Lunar Lemon Tart

Discussion in 'E-Liquid Reviews' started by Vapaneezer Scrooge, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. Vapaneezer Scrooge

    Vapaneezer Scrooge Vendor

    Dec 23, 2017
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    This review will be shorter than normal as I won't include the full mixing guide but I will include the recipe if you are adding your own PG, VG & Nic Shots.

    For review this time is:

    RRP £14.50 plus Nic Shots.


    Manufacturers Description:

    Made with bright and fresh Lunar Lemons which are known for their intense flavour. This sweet citrus dessert is famous across the Solar System!

    Cosmix flavours are incredibly intense and insanely delicious. Every 250ml Bottle Shot contains 62.5ml which means each one has 25% more flavour than any Bottle Shot before!

    Steep time - 2 weeks.

    Nicotine Shots guide is printed on the bottle which is handy though anything over 3mg you might find the flavour drop off so 50PG/50VG nic shots are a safer bet.


    So 4 x 18mg VG (Darkstar advise using VG for up to 3mg) will give you a 3mg final mix.


    Very easy to mix with optional premix.
    Order from the same page as the flavour, as the base mix for the COSMIX range is different to the other base mixes as this is 25% flavour so choose 250ML BASE MIX.

    £22.50 + P&P
    Cost per 10ML = £0.90 (excluding P&P - the more you buy reduces P&P so haven't included it in costs)

    Below is basically all you need to mix your own juice (I have used FRUIT FUSION for illustration purposes)


    Simply add you nic shots, give it a shake, then top up to the level in the diagram below with base mix, shake the beeezus out of it until it's murky with bubbles and that's it, job done and just needs steeping.

    Steeping is very important, it might smell great but it's not a ready to go flavour, it mellows over the two weeks, I advise shaking it at least twice a day to aid it's steeping, store in a dark cupboard.


    If like me you prefer to mix your own PG, VG & Nicotine then the recipe is:
    Cheaper method and easier than you think
    • Nicotine base (VG) 41.67 ML (4 x 10ml bottles)
    • Flavor 1 (PG) 62.50 ML (BOTTLE SHOT)
    • VG 133.56 ML
    • PG 12.27 ML
    I round these up to the closest easy to measure ML.

    PROPYLENE GLYCOL 1 Litre = £4.50
    Cost per 10ml = £0.05

    VEGETABLE GLYCERINE 5 Litres = £10.00
    Cost per 10ml = £0.02

    Nicotine 18 x 10ml 18mg VG
    Cost per 10ml £0.89

    Total cost £18.65 which is around £0.75 per 10 ML

    Here's what you need to buy if you haven't already got them:


    If you need mixing advice comment below but it's VERY easy.

    Okay, onto the important bit, the flavour.

    Vape Avenue L P Crust has been my main favourite flavour for many months and always seeking something to better it so when Dark Star released the Cosmix range including LUNAR LEMON TART I was very keen to try it, ordered it with some other flavours and let it steep, the smell was intense (in a good way) and impatiently steeped it, I did try a sneaky vape around a weak in and it was VERY strong, but as it steeped it mellowed out.

    So after full steep I did my usual test, vaped nothing but this flavour for 2 days and I have mixed feelings on it, it's bordering on great but lacks something, as the the Lemon which was dominant early on seems to be 50/50 with the tart / pastry, at first this confused my taste buds, but the more I vaped it the more I enjoyed the mix of flavours, it's easily an ADV (all day vape) and has no nasty after taste, it's actually better than my goto L P Crust yet it's not my ADV choice now due to other recent flavours.

    The flavour is more of a lemon curd taste and the pastry is very tart (as in not pie if that makes sense), now the thing is, I was expecting increased stronger flavour, I'm not getting it, it's fairly mild and it's smells stronger than it tastes which is a little disappointing, it's also not as sweet as other Lemon Pie / Tart flavours which for my tastes is a negative.

    I'm getting the Lemon Curd on the inhale and the Tart on the exhale, I can't really notice any other added flavours, personally I would have preferred more Lemon on the exhale

    Overall I would give this flavour:
    7 out of 10
    this would have been higher but ironically other Dark Star flavours have beaten it, such as the Cosmix COSMIC CARAMEL COFFEE which I will be reviewing soon.

    You can purchase this flavour here:

    Be sure to sign up to receive offers, these make a huge difference to the cost per 10ml, mine was at least £0.20 per 10 ML cheaper than the above self mix costs.

    Final thoughts:
    Though this wasn't as good as my high expectations I am enjoying it a lot and it's definitely one I have on re-order and I am already steeping the next batch.

    Ending here as I have to dash out, I will revise if I missed anything.

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  2. BULLDOG1964

    BULLDOG1964 Veteran

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Great review there again mate and some cool photos to match........:2thumbsup:...........
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  3. Vapaneezer Scrooge

    Vapaneezer Scrooge Vendor

    Dec 23, 2017
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    Thanks BULLDOG1964 Cosmix Caramel Coffee next, now that's something special :)
  4. wally

    wally Achiever

    Sep 11, 2014
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    Cheers for the review mate very good
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