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Review Dovpo - Topside - Purple

Discussion in 'VV/VW Mod Reviews' started by Vapin'Bolt, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    Topside your head…

    On receiving this product, I was like wow...I managed to get this tried out at the UK Vaper Expo and I was really impressed. Dovpo isn’t a new manufacturer to me but I’ve not seen much from them in a while, but I’ve got to say I’m in love. The design is beautiful and shows no imperfections whatsoever. The quality is just great and it feels built to last. Now I’m so glad to be writing this review…

    resize_DSC_0106.JPG resize_DSC_0107.JPG

    Out the Box

    So we have the newly anticipated Topsode mod, and wow what a piece of kit it is. The looks are very sleek and the way it sits in the hand is perfect. The size is 92x54x27mmwhich is not too big, which has a nice sleekness still.

    The Mod comes in 6 different colour options Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Gunmetal and Silver. Which gives the buyer chance to show off with RDA tanks. The kit retails at $69 USD and £49 GBP.

    The battery requirements are 1 single 21700 which for me is perfect, however, a lot of people are wanting more from the battery life.

    The mod can reach up from 5-90w and has two different function control modes: VV & VW but it can be update to have TC mode also.

    The kit includes a USB charger which is standard throughout the vaping world however, it does recommend charging through a battery charger as you get a better performance rating and its safer. Along with a 10ml bottle which is clear and has the T logo on to represent the Topside.

    Always at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.


    The Build

    So, let’s start out with the shape, it’s like a double barrel shotgun but slightly wider. I like this Idea and I think it works very well in the overall design look. This action of the slip bottom housing is great and it’s very sturdy which I like a lot. For me the design is great, and it fits well into my hand no problems. The size isn’t too big but it is quiet tall however, it don’t off put you.

    A 510pin located offset but central to the mod, which would only carry a 25mm tank nothing is really needed any bigger and I would advise using either the ‘Unicorn' 'Drop RDA' or the 'Goon 1.5v'

    Working down the sides we have a very nice size firing, which is clicky but not too clicky and seems a good build. A 30x15mm screen which is bright in all weather conditions. Which displays the battery life, wattage, volts and puff. The up and down button for increasing or decreasing the power, these are solid. The mini USB connector is at the side, works well but again advised to use a battery charge, so you get better performances.

    The squonking bottle which is located in one of the barrels, this is very easy to squeeze and seems to work a treat every time using, the bottle is of a good design with an aluminium casing all around which unscrews to clean and alter if needed. The top fill design is flawless and a perfect addition to any device when squonking because it is a job in itself. The bottle cannot be removed unless it has the top lid removed prior removing the bottom. The battery is housed in the second chamber. The base and side of the mod has the venting holes to help cool the battery.

    While checking the atomizer readings from different tanks they worked a treat, changed instantaneity. I always check the TC mode on mods because it is usually a good favourite for many vapours out there. It works and works very work smooth and always a good hit. Again, this is only dependant on the premium quality of the e-liquid you are using, using poor liquids may differ.

    Dovpo protect their users and the list is as follows;
    Battery Reversal Protection
    Short-circuit Protection
    Resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.08Ω,
    Open-circuit Warning
    Overtime Protection
    Over-temperature Protection
    Low-voltage Protection

    resize_DSC_0109.JPG resize_DSC_0111.JPG resize_DSC_0113.JPG resize_DSC_0115.JPG resize_DSC_0116.JPG resize_DSC_0118.JPG resize_DSC_0119.JPG


    · Top fill…need I say any more…

    · Quality workmanship and finish

    · A good weight

    · Great feel to the mod

    · Easy squeeze

    · 10ml capacity

    · Consistent power output until the battery is nearly drained (safety protection)

    · Stylish

    · Head turner


    · Gets messy quick from the RDA

    · Battery could last longer

    resize_DSC_0120.JPG resize_DSC_0121.JPG


    I’m starting with the question would I buy this mod? Of course, it really is one of the best at hitting and with the help of the Samsung 30T battery it has been on point all the way through the weeks. I’m a big fan of squonks and I have got a good collection this is in my top 3 at what point I’m still unsure. But I do really like this kit... As you can see there is hardly any flaws, no cons.

    The mod performs at its best through the whole life of the batteries even right down to the last bit of juice which is left I cannot falter Desire Design and OhmBoy for making such a beautiful device. The TC mod and Bypass mode work well and the rage chip is somewhat going to blow the squonks out the park.

    Overall, Dovpo well done this kit is one to buy, if I broke it would I buy another? Damn right I would its great and I love the design. Plus its 10ml how good is that! Now please be sure to go out and try it and or even better buy it if you’re after a single battery squonk.

    resize_DSC_0123.JPG resize_DSC_0124.JPG

    Equipment/Products Used
    Mod – Dovpo Topside - Purple
    Tank – Unicorn Vapes – Unicorn RDA - Gunmetal & Digiflavour - Drop - Gunmetal
    E-liquid – Nasty Juice – Banana Mango & Rockstar – Cola Lime – Both 3mg 70/30
    Coil – Dual Fused Clapton’s - O.2ohm & Dual Aliens - 0.18ohm
    Batteries – Samsung 30T – 21700
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