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Mods Ultroner x Vapouround - Aether Stabwood - Black

Discussion in 'Squonk' started by Vapin'Bolt, Apr 8, 2019.

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    What wood you choose…

    Now my first Stabwood mod was the Thor DNA75c, which is something else and a true mod to use daily, however, this little beast came at me and wow…seeing it for the first time at the UK Vape Expo I was hooked and thought it was awesome…where they said it’s not for sale but would you buy it I was like yes…get me one!

    resize_DSC_0924.JPG resize_DSC_0925.JPG

    Out the Box

    The Squonk comes in of 3 different colour options all have black outer, the colours are variant and are not guaranteed so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get what you see they are unique and individual, Blue, Black and Green are the main colours. The dimensions are 79x47x30mm with a net weight of 108g. It's tiny. The mod retails at $169.99 USD and £130 GBP.

    The battery requirements are a single 18650 which is perfect, and it lasts an age on a single coil. For this, I have been using both 18650s all day honest I was gobsmacked the least. This is at a constant 60w too

    The mod can reach up to 5-80w which works on VW with the new Ultroner Sevo chip it really is a fast responding and works a treat.

    The included BF bottle is 10ml and it’s a good construction easy to dispense along with a protective outer sleeve which interlocks with the mod. The kit includes a nice soft touch bag to keep it in while you’re not using it

    Always at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card.

    resize_DSC_0926.JPG resize_DSC_0927.JPG

    The Build

    I still love this design and the lightness to it is fantastic one of my favourite go-to mods always is and always will, I think. The construction is made from Stabwood Resin, aluminium and plastic for the bottle. Along with a nice brass battery screw. This is the first batch of the Aether and it sure has no flaws yet. The mod is measuring in at 79x47x30mm. I like this feel in the hand and how it doesn’t feel too big, the ergonomics are perfect they managed this very well.

    The bottle which is included is very much perfect it easily compresses to force e-liquid to the RDA and requires hardly any pressure. The bottle is very easy to clean and undo along with the easy fill. I've found a little knack on how to fill it without any leakages, trust me I have had a few when filling up the bottle.

    The 510 connector which is stainless steel surrounding along with a gold-plated hollow pin, so the BF can easily pass through. It can easily take up to a 26mm RDA and id push to have a flush 27mm RDA If possible.

    The screen is a decent size and easy to read, with a very bright display. Used this mod in power mode as it really is the most used out there when I speak with fellow vapours hardly anyone is using TC mode anymore. It’s can also be used in variable wattage and as well as bypass mode.

    The battery life is awesome, and I have had a full day out of it and that isn’t constantly vaping throughout it’s a casual vape so about 45-1 hour overall. But still it was consistent with the power right up until it died, and a battery swapped was needed.

    The buttons are very solid and there is no movement whatsoever I like them, there is no rattle at all which I'm pleased about I've said before rattle is a nightmare and a constant issue to me as a reviewer. The squonk area is grand and it does squonk very well there are no issues the ergonomics are made to measure well on this one and by the tirelessly amount of time it has taken to get this out there they have thought about every aspect so far. I love the idea of the slide and lock system on the bottle it works for me very well and I think it’s a great addition to the mod.

    resize_DSC_0928.JPG resize_DSC_0929.JPG resize_DSC_0930.JPG resize_DSC_0931.JPG resize_DSC_0933.JPG resize_DSC_0934.JPG resize_DSC_0936.JPG resize_DSC_0937.JPG


    · Unique design per product Stabwood Resin

    · Fires on the Button

    · Easy to use

    · Nice bright screen can be toned down too

    · Large E-Liquid capacity (10ml)

    · Lightweight and I mean lightweight

    · Nice fit in the hand perfect ergonomics

    · Squonks very well

    · The slip and slide locking bottle


    · N/A



    I’ve been using this mod for two weeks and I got that engrossed with the use of it that I forgot about my review…just kidding. It's honestly one of the best mods I’ve used I vaped a full 50ml and halfway through another so this must tell you the usage it has had. There have been no leakages at present which is a good start, so this makes me happy.

    When I thought the VV Pulse was the most compactness mod of all time I was tricked…this beauty is the one! Its awesome size and brilliant ergonomics are something which I adore for a vape. It works really well on fire up and is very consistent throughout the usage. I only vaped at 60w constant as I felt it gave the best flavour and cloud it was on point. I didn't get one dry hit at all while using this set up it was perfect for me.

    Would I buy this? The moistest daftest question…hell yeah, I want all three colours that are how pleased I am with it…really if your wanting a high spec squonk this is the one.

    resize_DSC_0939.JPG resize_DSC_0940.JPG resize_DSC_0941.JPG

    Equipment/Products Used

    Mod – Ultroner x Vapouround - Aether – Black Stabwood
    Tank – Wotofo – Elder Dragon – Stainless Steel
    E-liquid – Empire Brew Co – Ice Lemondae - 70/30 - 3mg Nic
    Coils – VVotofo – Single Coil – Triple Fused Clapton - 0.22ohm
    Batteries – Samsung 25r & Sony VTC5a

    Go get yours now

    https://vapouround.co.uk/product/pre-order-ultroner-x-vapouround-aether-mod/ (UK SALES)


    https://www.ultroner.com/product/aether/ (China/WW SALES)

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