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Famovape - Magma Mod - Allure

Discussion in 'Regulated Mods' started by Vapin'Bolt, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Vapin'Bolt

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    Magma attack

    Famovape have been showing signs of bringing out the best tin vape experiences throughout the world of vaping. They have managed to capture this device well and engineered something which deserves recognition…wait… It did, It won best mod award!! let’s have a looks

    resize_DSC_0666.JPG resize_DSC_0667.JPG

    Out the Box

    The mod comes in of an array of different colours, 10 in total and sure to be more in the future. Colours are Black outer with Allure, Arcanum, Burning Sun, Chaos, Galaxy, Magma, Ocean Deep, Rainforest, Shadow and Thai’Ji. All The mod retails at $60 USD and £48 GBP.

    The battery is 2no 18650s and last very well indeed, the dimensions are 87×48.5×25 so will only take a max of 25mm tank for it to not overhang.

    The mod can reach up to 5-200w which works on TCR very well I’m told who enjoy this type of vaping experience.

    The kit includes a USB charger. The standard bottom of the box gifts is the accessories which include, Warranty cards and guides on how to use the mod.


    The Build

    The screen is nice and bright, and I think it’s just a good size. On the screen, it displays the battery life on each cell and the power mode you are in. Again, all the reviews I do are in power mode only. If you request me to take on another mod I can do so and give you a brief outline of what’s in store. The power is in 200w max where I haven’t gone over 80w. It does instantly fire at 0.0016s, there is literally zero lag in between pressing the button and the atomiser firing. I haven’t had an issue where I’ve pressed the button and it hasn’t fired yet, I kind of got that on a mod most recently maybe a manufacture flaw, who knows! with the buttons I have had a sticky + button from the word go nothing to do with me in respect It was like this from day one

    I would recommend only using up to 25mm tanks and up to 25mm RDAs. I did use one and it looked awesome. I’m not a fan of the off centred 510 location and this being an Issue for some-most users. But it does hold the award for smallest powerful mod on the market so we can’t complain.

    The battery life is pretty good on the dual 18650s I’m in love and its great. The power output is pretty decent and with the ultra-fast firing of 0.0016s its brilliant. The power lasted right down to the last bit of power and it worked well.

    The fire button is very clicky and it really does have a fast-performing instant fire of 0.0016s. All the buttons are clicky and well-built they seem to be here for a while. The fire button is very responsive in my opinion and I like it a lot.

    Some other features which are included are as follows;

    Firmware Upgradeable

    Preheat Function (TCR)

    Low resistance protection

    Fast fire button at 0.0016s

    Low resistance notification

    resize_DSC_0670.JPG resize_DSC_0671.JPG resize_DSC_0672.JPG resize_DSC_0673.JPG


    · Very compact

    · Clear and easy to navigate menu system

    · Build quality is very good

    · Great battery life

    · Comfortable in the hand

    · Great in the hand

    · Fast fire

    · Clear, basic display

    · Beautiful design


    · Off-centred 510

    · Limited options

    · TCR only max to 80w

    · Marks easily

    · Sticky button - '+' button keeps sticking



    What a good device it really has been amazing I’m a big fan of VooPoo whatever the controversial headlines have said I’m person who makes my own decisions I don’t need to be directed by what others think. The drag series have been awesome, and I hope it keeps getting better and only developing through what is pure innovation to the likes industry.

    It’s a great mod and works a treat there have been no issues with the overall performance The mod performs at its best through the whole life of the batteries even right down to the last bit of juice which is left. I cannot falter Famovape one bit for making such a beautiful device. The TC mode works well, and I dare say Its due to the chipset. And changing the colour is a good option if people want too a nice little added extra.

    The question is would I buy it? I really like the mod and Id chose It over the other but still my Issues lies with the paint work. It need to be more robust and last.


    Equipment/Products Used

    Mod – Famovape – Magma – Allure
    Tank – Geekvape - Zeus Sub Ohm Tank – SS
    E-liquid – Monsta Vape – Scremo Mango– 0.25ohm Mesh coil
    Batteries – 18650s 2 Samsung 25r

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