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Review Youde Goblin v2 review

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomisers and Genesis Tanks Reviews' started by takinghippo, May 22, 2015.

  1. takinghippo

    takinghippo Postman

    Feb 23, 2015
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    Before I start I would like to state that I received no payment for this review nor was I sent this RTA for the purpose of review.
    All statements made are my opinions and do not reflect the views of potv.

    Ahhh vape mail, very quickly replacing pay day as my fave time of the month, this month I got my hands on the goblin RTA and I have to say it is one of the better sub ohm tanks on the market.

    Feature wise there is nothing fancy happening here, pyrex tank on a stainless steel design that makes this tank look beautiful on every mod I have tried this on, its 22mm diameter means I would fit flush on any 22mm device, I say would but I will get onto that in a minuet.
    The goblin also has 2 6mm air intakes one on each side for enough airflow for them clouds that people looking at this tank are wanting to blow, and wide juice channels for the high VG e liquids that this is catered towards.

    The build deck is quite small but makes up for it by having a raised t post for the positive connection, and sports a two part chimney design to account for the interchangeable tank sections. This is a duel coil tank so single coilers beware.

    The tank comes in a simple box with spare parts and the large tank and chimney conversion stored in the back and the tank assembled in its smaller config in the front of the packaging, the tank does not come with a drip tip but chances are people wanting to buy the goblin have drippers and are wanting a similar experience but without the hassle of redripping every few pulls so finding a drip tip to go with this shouldn't be an issue.

    Now after all that praise comes the complaints, the AFC ring, it's great that a tank like this has the massive air flow but the AFC ring doesn't quite sit flush with the bottom of the tank so you are left with a slight gap at the bottom of the tank where it sits on the mod, not a massive complaint as its quite small but a gap is a gap nether the less, this also has quite a long centre pin making it great for hybrid mod users but if like me your running this on a vv mod or a standard mech you may run into some issues with the pin being too long causing the already slightly noticeable gap to get worse, so be considerate of that when buying.

    So conclusion time, this is certainly one of the best attys I have used lately and performance is off the charts for a tank in terms of vapour production and flavour, the slight niggles are there but with the incredibly low prices you can get one for and the outstanding performance you will learn to live with them, all in all a great tank for the money but you may find the money saved on the tank will get spent on juice to keep this thing going as its a greedy little fella.

    I give this tank a rating of 4 out of 5 clouds ☁☁☁☁

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