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Review Yet another Wotofo Faris RDTA review

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomisers and Genesis Tanks Reviews' started by nwhornet, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. nwhornet

    nwhornet Legend

    Feb 22, 2016
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    As @Sam's Saucy Juice Reviews & @MrTeaTime have both posted their excellent reviews, I thought I'd better get in quick before it's been reviewed to the moon & back.
    As with the other guys, many thanks to @WotofoOfficial & Archer for the chance to try this RDTA out.
    These are my thoughts only blah, blah, blah.
    This is my first kit review (& quite likely the last :D) so constructive criticism is welcome (& most likely will be ignored :rotflmao:).
    Right the good stuff. Not too much to add re packaging & contents but it does amaze me how much stuff Wotofo add as extras/spares, even down to the extra fill hole bung in case you lose the original.
    I have been using this on DNA/Reg & mech squonkers because unlike @MrTeaTime I have no fear of squeezing a bottle :D.
    Obligatory photo.

    Now having used Wotofo products in the past I have used the coiling tool they supply to cut leg lengths & was surprised that these measured out at 8mm but thought what the hell, these things are provided for a reason. Coiled & wicked I didn't feel hopeful of a good result & I was right, coils too high, wick dried out too quick & spitback worse than a professional footballer. This was at 45w 0.14ohm & any higher was dry hitting Cleaned everything & recut the legs to 6mm, dropping the coils to airflow level. The airflow is angled downwards (aka Pulse 22) & the air was passing underneath the coils As has been noted wick tails need thinning out & the ends just through the holes in the bottom plate. I originally used the provided cotton but as this seemed too restrictive swapped to Muji & wicking was much better with no spitback at around 55w. Now the coils were lower the top also cooled down quicker as ran very hot before, not helped by the short drip tips (burning lips).

    So build sorted, how did it vape? Bloody good. Plenty of flavour (& clouds if that's your thing), smooth airflow wide open & not annoyingly noisy. So good I emptied 2 squonk bottles in a couple of hours (It's quite thirsty).
    After 2-3 days I tried it in single coil set up & for me this is the sweet spot for this RDTA. Works better on a single cell mech squonk this way, for me at least, 0.3ohm/VTC5A/ pulls around 50-55w @12A & the fade off is subtle.
    I've used this both with the tank & without & no difference to performance but the refill port, while perfectly leak proof, doesn't accommodate bottles with twist open/off nozzles. Chubby/Gorilla type tips being thin are fine but I'm not decanting all my juices into those when I can squonk.;)

    Couple of points to add, out of the box this set up for squonking. No pins to swap around when in RTDA or RDA mode :)2, but if you're going to use it on non squonk 2 pins needs swapping, one in the base section & one in the deck. Also there are 2 hole restricters for when used in single coil mode but I actually struggled with them & ended up not using. This does leave the possibility of leaking if not enough cotton is used & it's left on it's side or tipped over in a pocket. Not an issue if your in RDA setup as you can vape till cotton is almost dry but with the tank of juice underneath :eek:.

    Quick summary then. Perfectly capable RDTA/RDA that can be used in either setup with no detrimental effects to either. Equally as good a squonk or dripper with the added bonus of the tank. Very good flavour. Shed load of spares, coils & cotton in the box.
    Only real downsides for me were the short drip tips & initially the heat genereated, fixed by putting the coils close to the deck.
    Little tip when wicking, remove the deck from the base so you can tease/pull the cotton through the bottom holes when using on the glass section, not too much though as these holes also let juice fill the tank.

    Thanks for reading this (if you got this far) & to those who have already taken the plunge enjoy.
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  2. Teslacigs
  3. WotofoOfficial

    WotofoOfficial Premium Vendor

    Jul 26, 2018
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    Thx for your great reviews!
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