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Review Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF (Squonk) RDTA + Guide

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomisers and Genesis Tanks Reviews' started by Vapaneezer Scrooge, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Vapaneezer Scrooge

    Vapaneezer Scrooge Vendor

    Dec 23, 2017
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    I've been awaiting the release of this Bottom Fed RDTA for a while now, already a fan of squonkable RDTA's for reasons as you will discover in the review.

    Bought with my own dosh and is based upon my own impressions and experience.

    In this review you will find:
    • Unboxing & first impressions.
    • Build & wicking advice.
    • How it vapes.
    • Compared to Ijoy Combo Squonk RDTA
    • Conclusion, Pros & Cons.
    • Where to buy (cheapest I could find)
    So today's review (as titled) is:

    Vandy Vape Pyro V2 BF RDTA

    Unboxing & First Impressions.

    The traditional blue box with the usual content on the back, opening up is a nice surprise with 2 different options, clear pyrex glass with black conical drip tip or PEI with matching drip tip, so you can change it's looks to suit your own taste (I went with the glass & conical tip), and the cherry on the icing was the coil cutting guide marked to the perfect leg length which is a big thumbs up from me.

    Dimensions are: 24mm Dia and 44.4mm high.


    Delve deeper into the box to reveal the rest of the contents, a bag of spares & tools, a standard 510 pin should you wish to use it on a non squonker and the biggest surprise was the included coils, they are actually marked EXACTLY what they are! I have never seen this on any other atty and it shows Vandy Vape must be listening to constant reviewers and customers complaining about not knowing what the coils are - another big pro.


    Coils and fitting
    As you can see I've already gone ahead with trimming and fitting my coils, apart from the very strange '2.8mm' inside diameter which I had to tweak to 3mm on a coil rod, this was a breeze with coil jig and takes the guess work out, simply pop the coil into the marked slot (5mm) and snip the leads, then place them into the postless deck, tighten them up and space them 2-3mm apart and central (the wicking slots also are a good guide).

    You can check the ohms and dry burn them without assembling the tank, as you can see from the photo it will screw straight into you ohms meter or mod via the 510 pin.

    Slight confusion with the label on the coils, it soon becomes clear the ohms and wattage rating is per coil, mine came out at 0.17 ohms which is pretty much spot on.

    No cotton is supplied but I advise Muji cotton as you don't want it too 'puffy' to get it into the juice wells, I cut 2 x 5mm strips and skinned them, rolled them slightly and once you thread them through cutting the pinched cotton off is almost the right length, maybe a few mm less, I have included a photo of it wicked up below, but note the leg lengths should only just hang down into the tank, mine is ever so slightly too long which caused 'over squonking' issues due to the squonk intake holes being right near the wicking holes.


    Assemble the bottom tank as below:


    Prime your coils and wicks, then fill your squonk bottle and tank, I advise you fill your tank trough the juice ports on top to give you that added capacity.


    So that's all setup and ready to take it for a spin.....


    Vape time:

    With it's dual coil low ohms build I would suggest a dual battery squonker or plenty of batteries, the lowest wattage I could get this to perform was around 65 watts but it wasn't great 75 watts is a where it kicks in the flavour and boy does it deliver! I cranked it up to 85 watts and it gives an amazing full flavoured vape that actually doesn't feel to hot, but this comes at a price, it drains just about everything, your battery, juice consumption and your dosh as you are using more juice than regular squonk RDA's.

    With this in mind my weapon of choice is the Nikola Niagara due to it's incredible battery life.


    The Airflow is at the top and pretty leak proof, I tried oversquonking but no hint of a leak, just spitback, the airflow is adjustable with a very loose top ring, takes a little getting used to and in certain positions it has an annoying whistle, fully open (which I find the best on this atty) it's all fine, but I wouldn't call it quiet.

    Popping the top cap off reveals 2 silicone bungs that close off the juice ports for top filling, it's very easy to line up and pop it back in place with 2 tabs you line up.

    An impressive feature and something I've not seen on any RDA's I've owned is a rubber seal at the base 510 part (see photo of strip down) which prevents leaks from the 510 connection - another big pro.

    Build quality, ease of build and use really is excellent, I remember the moment I first took it for a vape and really got that wow factor.

    A couple of niggles I have are that when filling the tank via squonking the juice sprays onto the wick legs at the top leading to oversquonking, the other is it juice consumption, appreciated it requires higher wattage = more juice but it still seems to drink it out of proportion, but it's a happy trade off for the immense flavour experience.

    Compared to the Ijoy Squonk RDTA (not to be confused with the SRDA).


    While I highly rate the Ijoy the Pyro V2 improves on it in a several ways:
    • More solid build quality (the iJoy has quite a weak 510 pin and has been known to snap off if overtightend)
    • Squonk vent is at the top where as the ijoy was central, not a problem until you take the squonk bottle out and it will leak
    • Doesn't get as hot as the Ijoy, the ijoy builds up a lot of heat even at lower watts.
    • The Pyro is a lot easier to build & wick.

    The Ijoy is better at lower wattage even at the same ohms.

    Overall the Pyro V2 is definitely an upgrade to the Ijoy.

    Why squonk an RDTA, surely you may as well just get an RDA?
    I've tried RDTA's and squonking into one is a far different vape, it's the ultimate consistent squonk, no dry hits even on an almost empty tank, difficult to oversquonk, spitback is rare and you have the added benefit of increased juice capacity, it makes sense if you tried it, I get a far better flavour from a Squonk RDTA than any RDA I own, the only one that comes close is the Oumier VLS.

    Regular RDTA's can give as good a flavour (depending obviously on which one) but are mostly a pain to keep topping up, squonking into it is far easier.


    Conclusion, Pros & Cons.

    While it's not perfect it's pretty close to it, Vandy Vape have done a superb job on this Squonk RDTA, solid construction with one of the easiest builds and nice touches such as the base rubber seal, leakproof top airflow, high level squonk refill hole, top tank refil holes with silicon seals not to mention the looks with different options, it looks great on most squonkers with it's different colour options.

    Despite it's minor flaws it Ranks in my top 3 RDA's/RDTA's possibly my favourite but I will let the novelty wear off before I commit to that.

    Would I buy another if I broke this?
    F**k yeah! - in fact I have ordered a 2nd anyway.

    • A lot of tank for your money.
    • Optional looks included.
    • Coil Specs actually provided.
    • Base rubber seal.
    • Leakproof top airflow.
    • Solid construction.
    • Coil trimming jig included.
    • FLAVOUR! - trying is believing.
    • Increased juice capacity.
    • Very easy to build & wick.
    • Consistent vape without the need for TC.
    • VERY difficult to get a dry hit.
    • Power hungry.
    • High juice consumption.
    • Confusing coil ohms - only applies if you single coil it. (half it if you are dual coiling).
    • Whistling airflow at some points.
    • Airflow is a little on the loose side, easy to accidentally adjust.
    • Can oversquonk if you overfill the tank.
    That's about it, all that's left is where to get your hands on one of these cracking bits of kit, I bought mine from Fasttech:
    It states £26.99 but apply the coupon code:
    to get a few more quid off, there are more colour options but the stainless is the cheapest.
    As always comment, corrections and likes appreciated.
    If you found this review useful you might like my other reviews:

    Thanks for reading.
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  3. DMAN

    DMAN Achiever

    Apr 18, 2014
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    Not a squonker, but a nice comprehensive how-to review.
  4. Vapaneezer Scrooge

    Vapaneezer Scrooge Vendor

    Dec 23, 2017
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    Thanks DMAN :)
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  6. glasvapour

    glasvapour Postman

    Aug 11, 2016
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    @Vapaneezer Scrooge Another cracking review mate, the pictures themselves are a work of art.
  7. Vapaneezer Scrooge

    Vapaneezer Scrooge Vendor

    Dec 23, 2017
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    Thank you for taking the time to comment & glad my photography is appreciated :)

    I kind of enjoy that part more than the writing.
  8. Nick0steam

    Nick0steam Achiever

    Nov 5, 2017
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    I like RDTA's and I want to try Squonking, so this was interesting for me, I like the fact it comes with regular pin also. Good review I thought, and nice clear professional looking pics.
  9. iqon

    iqon Achiever

    Mar 3, 2018
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    Damn you - I want one now.......good review :thumbup:
  10. La_Navidad

    La_Navidad Postman

    Sep 30, 2018
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    Has anybody single-coiled it? I wonder how it will do with some single alien
    ps. thanks for review
  11. Vapaneezer Scrooge

    Vapaneezer Scrooge Vendor

    Dec 23, 2017
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    Funnily enough I tried one over the weekend, it was definitely worse, I tried a single Alien Ni80 came out around 0.3 ohms yet still needed more power to get any flavour, the downside is it didn't keep up with the wicking, flavour was also weaker which I can only assume was the airflow.

    I tried it for a couple of days, just didn't enjoy it so I stripped it down again and put 2 coils back in, all is well again.
  12. BULLDOG1964

    BULLDOG1964 Legend

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Great review mate i see you posted this review a while ago now but just seen it dont no how i missed it....
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