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Review Drop Dead RDA - Full Black

Discussion in 'Rebuildable Atomisers and Genesis Tanks Reviews' started by Vapin'Bolt, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Vapin'Bolt

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    Face plant the earth…

    When this was put through to the world of vaping the hype was totally massive. The Digiflavour Drop and the Dead Rabbit merging to make this another outstanding bit of kit. But is this a marketing clash to get people to purchase what they have. I think not it’s about getting the best of both and merging them together. Let’s take a look and see what this actually has to offer.

    resize_DSC_1566.JPG resize_DSC_1567.JPG

    Out the Box

    The DropDead comes in 9 different colour options for the 24mm tank, including Full Black, Black and Silver, Gunmetal, Piano Black, Gold, SS, Purple, Blue and the famous Rainbow (7-Colour). With the resin drip tip swirl in with different colours. The price is $35 USD and £28.99 GBP, so it’s a perfect price if you don’t own either the Drop or the Dead, or if you want the collab.

    The tank has a 2ml well which is perfect for soaking up the juice especially in squonking. The tanks have lots of different contents in the box which is a good start to get set up and running. There are loads of spare O-Rings

    An Allen key to change the pin, a set of screwdrivers. A full spare set of grub screws. A spare drip tip in clear Along with the warranty card and a big how to sheet in all the different languages, it would be good to have a re-wick on how to just for people who can’t do the build and are first timers. Last but not least a sticker to show off that you have one.


    The Build

    The build quality is really impressive and its machined incredibly well. Hellvape you have done it again with this one. It took me a while to get correct ohms but id decided to strip it right down and clean all areas possible to have a perfect read and set up. This worked a treat and I can fault once it was set up.

    Once id set up the coils they were reading .22 which I thought was a good start to getting some nice clouds and brilliant flavour. I did do a mix of wattages just to see what its best was. So, on the placement of the coils, the holes are huge and so easy to get them right be sure to make sure that the screw pin is holding the centre of the coil it can be tightened and slip easy. This happened twice so I thought I’d mention it.

    The pin was easy to change but be sure the gold posts are correctly placed prior to tightening. I love the way the internal is designed and its chamber is perfect for getting that fruity or dessert flavour right. The drip tip design is great and seems to not mute the flavour one bit.

    The priming of the wick is really about 1-2 minutes and it can be vaped very quick the flavour comes through it really is instant with the flavour, however, it did get better over the course of the squonk. I’ve tested the coil at 50w and clouds wasn’t the biggest but nice, then at 60w with nice flavour and consistent clouds. I then upped it to 75w and wow it was chucking them out and the flavour was perfect and creamy.

    The airflow is really good, which makes this perfect in all aspects of flavour and cloud production. I’d recommend playing about with the wick and coils prior to setting your trusted originals up. I had the airflow open half way a quarter and all open and I could fault any set up really.

    resize_DSC_1571.JPG resize_DSC_1572.JPG resize_DSC_1573.JPG resize_DSC_1574.JPG resize_DSC_1577.JPG resize_DSC_1578.JPG


    · Great build

    · Nice tip design

    · Big coil placement

    · Good build area

    · Great design

    · Perfect airflow

    · Great flavour production

    · Squonking

    · Flavour


    · Hard to get true reading on ohm reader, make sure you clean it fully to get rid of any debris.

    · No coils or cotton

    resize_DSC_1570.JPG resize_DSC_1582.JPG resize_DSC_1579.JPG


    Now am I fan I genuinely love this RDA, I’m a big fan of the Dead Rabbit and it’s my go-to choice when squonking the Pulse 80w, its great knowing that you can both in one RDA. I’ve never tried the Drop as I’m keen on the Goon RDAs but it’s really one on my list, but I think do I need one?

    The flavour is great and consistent on both fruity and desserts. It literally clouds like a beast and I lover the vapour production it brings to the table. They really have made this perfect. The build is so easy, and I can’t fault how quick it can be set up and used. I think it’s going to be an entry RDA ill be using on a regular basis.

    Now would I buy it? OMG, that is such a daft question, yes, of course, it’s amazing and I think it’s really one of the good entry RDAs out there. People don’t be put off by everyone going on about the marketing scam to bring more money on the Drop its business and it works great.

    resize_DSC_1587.JPG resize_DSC_1590.JPG
    Equipment/Products Used

    Mod – Desire Design Rage - Red
    Tank – Hellvape Drop Dead RDA – Matte Black
    E-liquid – Obies Brew – Coco Granola – 70/30 3mg
    Coils – GeekVape – 0.25ohm Fused Claptons - 65w
    Batteries – Sony VTC5a 18650 2600mAh

    Thanks to Buy Best for providing this bit of kit for review

    See their website for anniversary deals not to be missed

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