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Review Serisvape cavalry v2 kit

Discussion in 'Mechanical Mod Reviews' started by Sam's Vape Reviews, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Sam's Vape Reviews

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    Mar 10, 2017
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    Alright guys. It's time for a mech mod review.

    This was sent out for the purpose of this review. So thank you to for the chance to check out this beauty. All opinions expressed here are those of my own and no one else's.


    So let's get started.

    The kit contents are pretty simple for this.

    You get the mech tube and the rda, some spare parts and a spare drip tip.

    Cavalry RDA.

    The is an awesome little rda. The rda is 24.6mm. It's a single coil. With slanted airflow on each side. It has a 4.8mm juice well. This also somes with a squonk pin if you want to squonk with it. I've been rocking it with a NI80 0.19ohm tri fused Clapton.


    The cavalry v2 mod.

    I've really been enjoying using this tube mech. This tube has a hybrid connection. This comes with a plastic sleeve so there is very little chance of ripping a battery wrap and also it shorting out if there is a tear. I also like the button mechanism. It just pushes into the tube but there is no chance of it pulling out in your pocket. The base plate unscrew from the mechanism to lock the fire button.

    So you simply unscrew the base plate out then push to fire the mod. It has a good firm spring and has a nice feel to the firing mechanism. The quality of 8th is mech is top notch imho.


    I am absolutely loving the design of the mod and rda. And think it's awesome that it comes with a matching drip tip. It just feels great in the hand. There is zero battery rattle with this mech.


    This is currently priced at $49.99 which I think is a very good price.

    Here is the link is you wanna check it out yourself.
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