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Review Lost Vape Furyan

Discussion in 'Mechanical Mod Reviews' started by Sam's Vape Reviews, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Sam's Vape Reviews

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    Mar 10, 2017
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    Alright guys. Who fancies a mech mod review?

    This mod was bought with my own money but that won't affect anything. All opinions expressed here are of my own and no one else's.

    So I was speaking to another ape about buying an atty from him and I said I needed more mods. He said he would be listing the lost vape up for sale so I took the opportunity to part with some dosh in exchange of this mech squonker.

    When I was purchasing said mod. The seller told me it was in ultem. My first thought was who would buy a mod in ultem. So I went straight to Google to check it out before I completed the transaction. Well I have to say I quite like it. The ultem and the brass goes really well together.

    When I bought the Furyan I also did a trade and got the Vemon bf rda at the same time so when it all arrived together I thought fire a coil in the vemon and give it a try. Match made in heaven in my book.

    So let's look at the mod. Of course being a mech mod it has no bells or whistles or even led lights on it. But what it does have is a lock switch for the button which is a huge plus. No one wants a mech firing in their pocket now do they.

    I also like the screw caps for the battery tube and for the squonk bottle. It's a great bottle supplied with the mod. It's one of the soft silicone bottles so it's not too hard or too soft.

    It comes with a battery adaptor/sleeve so it can be used with an 18650. It also takes 20700 and 21700. I had some 20700 batteries so that's what I've been using. It performs very well and I'm enjoying it.

    Here is the specs I have copied from the Lost Vape website.

    The first full mechanical squonker of Lost Vape
    9ML innovative silicone bottle system
    Compatible with single 18650/2X700 batteries
    ULTEM with Brass chassis in an unique and luxurious impression
    Body material: ULTEM / Brass / SS
    Single 18650/20700/21700 compatitable
    Coil resistance capacity 0.1-1.0 Ohm
    Silver plated copper positive/negative contacts
    Dimensions: 84mm*50mm*27mm

    This is one mod that will be staying in my rotation of mods for the for seeable future. And with the vemon rda it's a good match for me.


    If you like my reviews please drop me a like to show your support.

    Until next time guys enjoy your weekend and vape on.
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