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Review Aspire Feedlink kit.

Discussion in 'Mechanical Mod Reviews' started by crustyfolker, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. crustyfolker

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    Jun 12, 2015
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    Hi everyone, So this review is for the Aspire Feedlink kit which has been sent to me to review by Ella from @Sourcemore .
    Thank you for sending it to me.
    This review is my own experience and is uninfluenced.

    Whats in the Box.

    1* Feedlink mod
    1* 2ml Revvo Boost tank
    2* Coils (0.10-0.14Ω)
    1* Glass tube
    11* O-rings
    2* Warning card
    1* User manual
    1* Warranty card


    Size 124mm*48*30mm
    Output voltage 3.0V-4.2V
    Wattage range 70-80W
    Capacity 2.0ml
    Silicone bottle capacity 7.0ml
    Battery type 1* 18650 cell(not included)
    Coil resistance 0.1-0.14ohm

    What's it like.

    First we need an 18650 cell to power the mod, I have used Sony vct5a batteries. The feedlink is a single 18650 semi mech squonker. This means there is a protection circuit in built rather than the mod being a pure mech.
    On the bottom of the mod there are 2 doors one for your battery one for the squonk bottle they differ as the battery tube has a silver screw in cap which is also the negative terminal for your 18650. I know some may not like the design though.
    The other is for the 7ml silicone squonk bottle which is a nice bottle but the bottle is made for the mod as there is no tubing from the bottle the door for the squonk bottle is a black plastic door which is also a holder for the squonk bottle. but there is only one way to fit it and thats line up the wholes with the correct tab on the door then just twist to lock the bottle in place. The bottle lid or at least the hole in the lid is connected to the underneath of the 510 tube. Aspire need to release spares though especially for folk who use juice that taints the bottles.
    I haven't had much leaking with this mod and when i did it could have been when i refilled the bottle. It is easy to unscrew without squeezing. You grip the lid and just below inside the silicone bottle there's plastic. I think these are the best bottles i have used, not saying there isn't better but for me these are perfect.

    The shape of the mod is excellent and is really hand friendly and is simple to use both squonking the bottle and firing the mod,. Below the fire button is some kind of nurling to aid grip.
    The 510 has a nice design and uses an oring to prevent liquid escaping into the mod. Meaning any excess goes right back in the bottle.
    The firebutton is located on the top at a slight angle and you can use the firebutton to switch the mod on or off with 5 rapid presses of the button. The mod has some lights under the firebutton, quite discreet to be fair but they indicate things like a short, low battery, overheating etc. The button also has a little nurling which makes it easier to find the button when necessary

    over 10 seconds firing you get 10 flashes and the mod cuts out. not sure on the lights colour .
    Battery reverse protection and short curcuit again 2 or 3 flashes again not sure of colour at a guess its blue.
    over discharged battery (below 3.2 volts) 15 flashes of the orange light.
    Overheating . The board is over 75c the mod switches off and the blue and orange flash for 3 seconds.

    Also batterys with 3.8-4.2v the light is blue when fired, between 3.5 and 3.8v blue and orange wgeb fired, orange means below 3.5v .

    The Revvo squonk tank.

    At first i was sceptical as i had only ever used RDA's with squonkers. This is simply a RDTA that takes a prebuilt coil. Thus won't appeal to those who like to build, but its good for those who want a quick to change coils, 2ml capacity atomiser to squonk with. I have had very little spitback and that was caused by the mod falling over and the coil becoming over saturated and liquid remaining above the coil maybe. The coils are simple to replace when you need to and without loosing juice. and it vapes pretty well. the airflow is also none adjustable.

    Note the revvo squonk tank cannot be used as a standard tank. The squonk pin is none removable.

    The coils work pretty decently my only worry is using 0.1 ohms on a squonker but i am hoping that the circuit board is designed to handle this as 0.1 ohm on a standard single 18650 is a recipe for disaster if used wrongly and i wouldn't advise it myself.


    Great bottle and system.
    As hand friendly as a pair of gloves
    simple to use maintain etc
    Looks nice
    Works like it should
    circuit for added protection
    Feels solid


    Needs Aspire to release extra bottles
    None removable pin in the Revvo
    Spitback if the mod tips over
    battery door, for some but i am fine with it personally


    I have really enjoyed using the Aspire feedlink and will continue to do so, The revvo tank although i am happy with it's performance i will go on to use a Wasp Nano in future as i am not a stock coils user.
    I like everything about the mod, this is the mod to buy if you want to try squonking without a vw or temp control chip, if you are new or have never used a mechanical mod as it offers a fair amount of safety . Those who don't or can't build yet will also enjoy using it.
    Its ease of use and maintenance make this a great kit to use and it will get used by me quite often especially on shorter trips out due to its size and ease of use. Aspire cracked it with this squonker and the Revvo tank is ok if the idea is something you like .

    I hope this review has helped, thanks for reading it,
    20180827_094139.jpg 20180827_094158.jpg 20180827_094229.jpg 20180827_094330.jpg 20180827_100814.jpg

    Coupon. AFRKit.
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