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The SmokTech R-Tank

Discussion in 'Clearo's and Carto's Reviews' started by yoda1970, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. yoda1970

    yoda1970 Postman

    Apr 11, 2013
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    I had vapemail today, and our very kind postie bought both meand my wife a SmokTech R-Tank. Now, i haven't done anything with it yet apart from rip the parcel open and then open the box up to have a drool, but i was just wondering if anyone here had any experience with these. I've done the usual and googled it to see what people have been saying about it, and there have been a few negative comments about it, so i was just wondering what my fellow POTV'ers had to say about it. :anyone:
  2. Moto

    Moto Initiate

    Aug 10, 2013
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    Looks and feels cheap - I was getting hardly any vapour out of it so drilled the plastic top deck (!!) to take 3mm silica and it now vapes like a clone evod. The only reason it hasn't gone in the bin is I know there's a plastic bung in there for when I lose one off one of my RSSTs

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