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Review Subtank Plus!!!

Discussion in 'Clearo's and Carto's Reviews' started by EssexBoy, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. EssexBoy

    EssexBoy Achiever

    Sep 8, 2014
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    This product was received free from The product arrived in 3 days from China via DHL shipping and communication from the vendor was exceptional. Despite receiving this for free my review will remain accurate and true.

    What comes in the Subtank Plus box?

    1 x Kanger Subtank PlusKanger Subtank Plus Review
    1 x 0.5 ohm OCC
    1 x 1.2 ohms OCC
    2 x 0.5 ohm RBA (30W coil)
    1 x Japanese organic cotton sheet
    1 x Mini RBA base
    1 x Pyrex glass tank
    1 x screwdriver
    2 x screws
    3 x seal rings


    Where best to start than to compare to the original 25mm Subtank. The original subtank was flawed, many people had significant problems and from my experience it seemed rushed. Probably to keep in the race with the original Aspire Atlantis which was released at a very similar time. The new Subtank Plus is probably what the 1st generation Subtank should have been called bearing in mind its 25mm diameter and large juice capacity. By using the word “Plus” for there newest edition I can promise you that word really means that its better.

    There have been significant improvements to the original. You no longer have to unscrew top cap to allow you to fit the RBA deck, there is no god awful extended and sprung loaded 510, with a standard OCC coil juice capacity has increased from 6mls to 7mls of juice. If you weren’t a fan of the original drip tip then youre in luck, the Plus has the same DT as the Subtank Mini.

    The O Rings have also had an overhaul and are tougher than the original ones which caused people to have a puddle of eliquid left in their pockets.

    The biggest improvement for me is at the base. You now get a lot more air with 2 airflow slots as opposed to the original only having one. This certainly allows you to lower your ohms on the RBA deck whilst maintaining a nice cool vape.

    How does it perform?

    Fans of the Kanger products will love the changes that have been made. It really seems as though Kangertech have listened to the vapers and made their changes accordingly. The vape is far superior to both the original, the Mini and the much forgotten about Nano tanks. Improved airflow allows for a smoother vape but doesn’t skimp on flavour much due to the fact that the original OCC coils are 100% interchangeable. Some may not appreciate the 25mm diameter as most mods nowadays are better suited for 22mm however I used this for work and the laborious task of having to refill every couple of hours is eliminated.

    I look forward to trying the new Subox and improved Mini and hope that Kanger take the positives from their recent improvements and make all future products in a similar fashion.

    You can purchase this product from Kangertech Subtank Plus Pyrex Glass Cartomizer with OCC - 7.0ml - $29.30 at a bargain price of $29.30 (a shade over £19.00)

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  2. Big Kev

    Big Kev Achiever

    Apr 13, 2014
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    I also like my Subtank Plus, especially with the Ni200 coils, it performs great.

    Good review mate.
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  3. alwayslit

    alwayslit Achiever

    Feb 12, 2015
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    Nice review. I've got one recently and need to set it up after reading the review. It's a shame that Kanger rushed that first version out because people still have a negative view about their product and they really don't know what they are missing with the current subtank line up.......imho.
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