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Review Smok Baby beast tank

Discussion in 'Clearo's and Carto's Reviews' started by Sacred Vape, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Sacred Vape

    Sacred Vape Achiever

    Apr 20, 2015
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    Had this tank for around a week now so i thought i would throw up my opinions on the tank so far. As always this is a unbias review from your average vaper. Check out my other reviews for more opinions.

    How do i start this? I have always been a bit tetchy with Smok tanks after hearing the TFV4 dry hitting and whatnot so i always stayed away from them. Decided after good word i would buy myself a beast tank to try out, less to cloud chase and more to have a hopefully nice vape. So it has been running alongside my Cleito for comparison over the past week It is a great tank after all, well worth the purchase.

    The pro's of the tank so far. The vape is lovely, fantastic even. The vapour is thick on the inhale, the flavour is fantastic, more so than the Cleito and the exhale is not too hot or harsh. I have been using the Octuple coil that came in the box so far and i really enjoy the vape from it. The tank itself is sturdy, had no leaking issues so far and the top fill swinging lid is a very nice touch as well. Overall it feels like a quality tank and using it is lovely. Also quick note on the coils, they have lasted me a week so far so certainly pass what i consider to be a reasonable amount of time.

    the cons, there is a few for me. First of all the coils unsurprisingly drink the liquid quite quickly. I did expect them to, far more than the Cleito coils do in all honesty. It makes the small capacity of the tank a little wanting as the quick liquid drain means you are filling up more often than is normal for a tank, so it is a con but you could counter that by getting the big baby beast so there you go. The next con i have come across is dry hitting. It seems once the tank is down about 2 thirds when you have to be careful that it will not dry hit after that. Doesn't always happen but once the joice goes past the top of the wicking holes then you have to be careful of this, but it isn't harsh so you can refill or make sure juice has wicked before taking a hit. the final con for me is the wattage range, specifically being massively inaccurate on the coils. The Octo coil says it can go as high as 100w, but recommends it run at 60-80w. I have been vaping it at 70w and getting a nice vape, so superficial i know but the coils would be better placed running with the lower ranges and if someone wants to put more power through them then that is their own choice. I just believe it makes it simpler.

    So short and sweet. I really like the tank and it gives a fantastic quality vape, but the cons mostly can be countered by buying the bigger version of the tank so don't let that put you off.

    Vape quality- A
    Capacity- C
    Coil Reliability- B
    Flavour- A
    Value for money-A

    Overall - 8/10 (9/10 for the big baby beast)
  2. async

    async Postman

    Mar 26, 2015
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    I find the drip tip gets hot very quickly.
  3. james76

    james76 Initiate

    Mar 19, 2017
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    Extremely grateful for the brilliant description of this tank and the helpful breakdown you gave,you have my sincere thankyou sir,indeed a big thankyou to all those helpful replys Iv been given you have extremely been of great help and I thankyou all.
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